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Google Glasses


Google Glasses Apps being Talked About

The world is all about making more money and developing business in a better way. It has already been established that application development is the cheapest and the most effective way of promoting your business.

Use Google Glassware Concept to Develop Unique and Usable Applications for Prospective Customers

Many Google Glasses Apps Development companies are venturing the app developing projects and giving out exciting, interesting, fun and user-friendly apps for the people. Google is giving chances for all the businesses from small to large size to develop the apps.

What all can the Google Glass Do?

There were a few chief roles that were designed for the Google Glass. For example, the objective of having a head mount camera is to enable point of view photography. This further enables one to carry out live video chats that can help people see what the other person is seeing.

More Companies Looking to Hire Google Glasses Developers

Google glasses are devices that can be worn just like normal spectacles and can be used like smartphones. It has a miniature screen that projects in front of the user’s eye and works just like the screen of a computer or a monitor.

Use Google Glassware to Create Cloud Based Applications

Google Glass wearable computing device works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. Google has given opportunity for the other application developers for developing innovative, creative and fun applications.

Venture Google Glasses Apps Development India to Create Apps for this Wearable Eye Gadget

Google glasses are already incorporated with few standard apps such as Gmail, Google+, Google Now, etc and other new applications such as language translation, note taking, social networking apps, QR reader, barcode scanner, etc.

Different Apps Created by Google Glasses Applications Development Companies

Developers are building various interesting apps by combining both location awareness and photo recognition technology. These glasses provide the information relevant to the location that we are located at in the correct time.

Google Glass Web Development to Give Wonderful Browsing Experience for the Target Audience

Google is giving opportunity for the Google Glasses apps development India companies to develop unique, creative, fun and innovative applications by using their skills.

The Various Features and Applications of The Google Glass Device

The different types of apps are the best features of the Google glass device. Thus, the app development is the primary responsibility of the Google Glass App Development programmers. All latest web site development and designing technologies are used for the device apps.

The Best Software Apps Development on The Google Glass Device

The Google Glass Web Development makes the web browsing or surfing experience more beautiful and lively. The top advanced web site development software technologies are used for this purpose. The 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional experiences can be enjoyed on the system most wonderfully.

The Features and Technology of The Google Glasses Applications Development Software

The Google glass electronic device has a lot of advantages which are absent in any other electronic device. Basically, it has all the features of a mobile phone and iPads like talking, SMS, games, MMS, BBM, scanning, etc. The additional features are graphic designing, scanning, joystick game, 3 D games, etc.

The Effective Development and Design of The Apps on Google Glass

The web development technology with which the Google Glasses Apps Development is object oriented programming languages (OOP). Ruby on Rails (ROR) web development programming language is widely used for the Google glass development process.

Guidelines To be Followed by Google Glasses Applications Development Companies to Create Fun and Exciting Apps

Google Glass Web Development is being designed using either of two programming languages one is python and the other is Java. Developers who would like to use Java should have the essential requisites i.e., Java 1.6 capability, the App Engine SDK and Apache Maven. They can even use Eclipse IDE (Integrated Developer Environment) to develop Glass apps.

Use Google Glassware Concept To Develop Uniquely Featured Apps for This Wearable Eye Gadget

Google glasses, a next generation Android-powered computer eye gadget that is going to hit the market within no time. This hi-tech and wearable eye gadget works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. This gadget allows the users to record videos and capture pictures of every moment in their lifetime by giving a single voice command.

The Best Features and Applications of The Google Glassware Device

The Google Glassware can be used for a number of purposes. It has a camera as well head mounted LED screen. The front and rear cameras are of high mega pixels resolution. The memory capacity of the device is extremely high with a number of apps

The Challenges and Competition Level Imposed by The Google Glasses Applications Development

The Google glassware electronic apps device can set up new benchmarks in the global software and electronics industry. It can be a strong competitor of the other software and electronic device providing companies across the globe.

Where Glass wearers are Going Wrong?

If you are a glass bearer (pun intended) then you must realise that your responsibility is not just to understand and ‘explore’ the possibilities posed by the glass but to also be able to help the general people and non Glass users to understand and accept it.

The New Titanium Collection of Google for Everyone!

The titanium collection offers lightweight frames for people wearing prescription glasses. It offers four different varieties of frames.

Google Glasses Turns Samaritan!

Google Glasses App development has given us an app called the Good Deed. It requires people to do 21 good deeds in 21 days or as many as they can within a three week period of time.

How to Hire the Best Google Glass Developers?

Google glasses are relatively new for the people. So in case you are planning on developing apps for your own business through the medium of the Glass, ensure that they are incredibly simple.

Google Glass: High Featured Wearable Computer is set to rock Tech Enthusiasts

Google glass can be operated in different ways. The device is accompanied with a touchpad that is placed above the ear and can be swiped or tapped for navigating. The users can also send voice commands to the glass by stating “Okay Glass,” and then adding whatever you intend to command.

Paving Way for a Better Future: Google Glasses

Open your eyes and start reading about what’s happening in the world of Google glasses. You will find that Google recently launched a one day sale where it sold a few hundred glasses to top companies for exploration.

When The Glass gives Hope

Google Glass has been around only for the last couple of years but Google glass web development and Google Glass application development has increased at an exponential rate.

A Funny take on Google Glass Apps Development

The changes that Google has made in its glass are extra ordinary. They have launched a whole new range of glass designs known as the Titanium collection, which is absolutely breathtaking. What’s more, it also has an avenue to add prescription or sunglasses to the frame.

Google Glass: Donning The Technological Wonder

People who have got their hands on the beta version of this glass and are roaming around wearing them have turned lots of heads already. They are seen peppered with numerous questions about the working of this technology and how it feels.