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Updated by Matthew A. Dolman on Nov 08, 2017
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Clearwater Personal Injury Video Blog

We will regularly update our videos that discuss a wide range of topics concerning personal injury claims and cases.

How Do I Find The Best Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are looking for a Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney, then there are a few things that you might want to consider. Matt Dolman from the Dolman Law Group gives some expert advice on the do's and don'ts of picking the right personal injury attorney to help you win your case.

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"Do I Need To Treat Within 14 Days"

I have heard a number of Florida radio advertisements from 411 Pain and 1-800-Ask-Gary stating you must treat within 14 days of the accident. Do I still have a case if my treatment commenced after 14 days?

"Do Attorneys Associated With Florida Referral Services Possess Any Special Skill"

Are 411 pain or Ask Gary network attorneys better than their counterparts?

"Is Laser Spine Surgery As Good As Advertised"

How good is laser spine surgery?

"Is There Any Benefit To A Lawyer Referral Service"

Is there a benefit to calling a lawyer referral service after an accident?

Common Questions in Motorcycle Cases

Common Questions in Motorcycle Cases

Am I Really Entitled to $10,000 like the Lawyer Referral Service Says?

The lawyer referral services often discuss the possibility of $10,000 to entice you to call. Are you really entitled to $10,000?

"Do I Really Need an Attorney for my Accident?"

The problem with handling a claim on your own is a general lack of knowledge of what a claim is truly worth and how to properly illustrate your damages to an insurance carrier. Insurance carriers deal with claims of unrepresented victims in a far different manner than individuals represented by legal counsel.

"Whiplash: What is it?"

Learn more about the single most common injury stemming from auto accidents. Many personal injury attorneys treat whiplash cases like a bother or waste of time. Sadly, whiplash victims are not only generally ignored but their injuries are occasionally worse than injuries to the disc.

"Attorney Advertising Hype"

Consumers are inundated all day long by lawyer advertising found on the radio, television and billboards ad nauseum. Sadly, consumers are misled by puffery and half-truths from attorneys who are little more than marketers. For instance, many lawyers will take pictures on a motorcycle and then claim they are "motorcycle injury attorneys."

The Problems Associated With Lawyer Advertising

Is the good looking or pretty attorney on a billboard more effective than his or her counterparts? Should you choose attorneys based on an advertisement?

The Dangers of Mirena IUD

If you or someone you know has suffered vaginal bleeding, uterine tearing, or ectopic pregnancy following the use of the Mirena device, contact the bad drug attorneys at Dolman Law Group for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Don't Text and Drive

Texting while driving is a dangerous activity that many of us don't fully grasp. Clearwater Florida based personal injury attorney Matthew Dolman explains some of the dangers of distracted driving in this quick video blog post.

Matthew Dolman, Esq.

Mattew Dolman is the principle attorney of the Dolman Law Group. He has worked on thousands of personal injury cases in Florida and prides himself on a personal touch. Read more about Matt at

"Dirty Tactics by Debt Collectors"

At Dolman Law Group, we routinely represent Florida consumers who have been harassed by debt collectors violating Florida's Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA). It never ceases to amaze us the tactics employed by debt collectors. This includes re-aging accounts that are no longer collectable as the applicable Statute of Limitations has expired.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

Clearwater Florida based personal injury attorney Matthew Dolman explains what insurance bad faith is, and how it can relate to your automobile accident.

Welcome to Dolman Law Group

Dolman Law Group is a Clearwater personal injury law firm with satellite offices located in Bradenton and Melbourne. Our mission is to provide zealous and competent service for any individual injured due to the negligence exhibited by either an individual or a corporation.

What is a Personal Injury Mill?

what exactly is a mill or volume shop? How do personal injury mills handle cases as opposed to their counterparts who focus more on quality as opposed to quantity? The Dolman Difference is personal attention.

What Does Full Insurance Coverage Mean?

What does it mean to say "fully insured"...?

Common Questions in Motorcycle Cases

Common Questions in Motorcycle Cases

Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney | Should I Use Lawyer Services Like 411 Pain & Ask Gary?

If you have been physically injured as a result of a Florida car accident, should I consider calling a lawyer referral service? Do attorney physician referral services offer anything or provide any advantage over directly contacting a competent trial attorney experienced in personal injury claims? Do the lawyers associated with 411-Pain or Ask-Gary offer any special skills or qualities as opposed to those who opt not to members of such a service?

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Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney | Will My Case Go To Trial?

As a Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney, a common question Julia McGrath gets is whether or not a client's personal injury case will actually go to trial. In order to answer that properly it is important for you to understand how your personal injury claim operates.

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What Kind Of Attorney Should I Call After My Car Accident | Clearwater Car Accident Attorney

Do I hire an attorney whom only handles personal injury cases or a lawyer who handles many areas? What kind of attorney do I call after a car accident?

Should I Use Lawyer Referral Services Like 411 Pain & Ask Gary? | Clearwater Accident Attorney

If you are looking for a Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney, you might want to think twice about some of the attorney advertisements you hear and see. If you were recently in an accident, you may have wondered whether you should call a lawyer referral service like 411 Pain or Ask Gary or not. Should I call 411-Pain after my car accident? The truth about lawyer referral services