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Gallivanting with Alaska Chick

Sharing the lessons and wisdom I have learned in the mountains of Alaska with the world through the opportunities offered by other people's generosity in sharing their own audiences.

Happy Friday Series: Smiles From Alaska

“We are taught that we have to work hard, even struggle for what is important in life. A smile is so easy, it’s like breathing, so it must not be important, right? Wrong. A smile is the most powerful piece of magic we have to call our own.”

The Happy Friday Series: How To Find Your Happy |

Why is happiness elusive? Breathe in and sample crystalline air of Alaska. Find yours with a focus on light, sweetness, and the heavens. Alaska Chick writes.

The Happy Friday Series: Alaska Disasters And Blessings |

Ever depend on something so critical to your livelihood and then it literally blows up? Read all about it from Alaska Chick of Pioneer Outfitters. Happy Friday.

Questions to ask an Alaskan guide and how to clean a shotgun Podcast 1122 | Ripple Outdoors Hunting and Fishing Podcasts

Enjoy the premiere hunting & fishing program with your host Peter Wood of Ripple Outdoors. Every week some of the foremost fishing & hunting experts discuss hot topics, tips & issues that affect hunters & anglers. (Listen in…)

Tune in. Tack up.® With Amber-Lee Dibble

What inspired you to be a rider? There is nothing in the world, that I have ever experienced, like being on a horse. It makes me feel bigger, stronger, prettier, more in control of the world around me, like there is nothing I cannot do while I am mounted, I am free of the ground, my own shortcomings, pain and hurts.

Interview, Alaska Chick

Amber-Lee Dibble Papa, Master Guide Terry Overly, was telling me this morning (yes 2 days AFTER I posted the link here! LOL) that he wasn't sure I should have been QUITE so honest! LOL, Well, that is what I promised.

Exploring the Wrangell Mountains by Horseback

Alaskan Adventure: The Hidden Gem
“Riding across the base of the big mountain that sits on the corner, we’ll see Dall Sheep scattered about the face, above us. The ground is knobby, in rolling mini-hills plenty big to hide a Grizzly Bear and her cubs, so we will keep a close watch at all times as we cross the base.” (read more…)

An Alaska Horseback Adventurer ~ Welcome to my office!

“Crossing the Chisana River, deep within Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and the location of Alaska’s last significant gold rush, takes about an hour, depending on where the sands have shifted and how many times I have to hold up the line of riders to back track and find a better place to cross a particular channel on horseback.” (read more…)

Eight Lessons I learned from @AlaskaChickblog's book, My Identity Crisis

When I was a little girl, I LOVED the Little House books. I must have read each of them at least four times. Probably more. It was more than me just being a history buff. When I read those books, I was taken into an entirely different world.

#FollowFriday: Amber-Lee Dibble

This week's #FollowFriday is Amber-Lee Dibble, the manager and guide at Pioneer Outfitters. An incredibly talented woman, you can learn more about her here.

Salute a solider

Amber attended NATTC Millington, Tennessee, and graduated from the A-School. After graduation she headed straight to Oahu, Hawaii at Barbers Point Naval Air Station for attachment to VP-1. After deploying to the U.S.

Overcoming a Fall from Horseback- An Alaska Guide's Family Story

After an Alaska horse guide's young daughter falls from her horse, it takes time and inspiration to heal and regain the confidence to ride the wilds of Alaska again. by Amber-Lee Dibble Every single day alive, our lives are a true blessing.

6 Amazing Tips Help You Get Started Right Making Videos For Your Blog

Are you thinking about adding videos of your own to your blog? Are you concerned about getting off to a good start? Is there a particular reason you haven't started? (~ I thought I was the only one dragging my heels!) Videos are a brand new direction for us.

SteamFeed Radio - #bealeader Featuring Amber-Lee Dibble Of Pioneer Outfitters

Steamfeed Radio Show - January 15th with #bealeader - Featuring Amber-Lee Dibble of Pioneer Outfitters. and

#bealeader One On One With Amber-Lee Dibble

One On One Interview with Amber-Lee Dibble with Pioneer Outfitters

Living Social in the Wilderness

HELLO THE HOUSE! It is the acceptable (and safe!) way to approach the cabin or a fire in the wilderness in the dark or stormy weather that may keep you from being shot! The key, of course is living to be social, here in the wilderness as well as in our online world.

  • Amber-Lee Dibble, aka Alaska Chick, is a United States Navy Veteran, Professional Alaska Guide and Manager at Pioneer Outfitters. Author of My Identity Crisis and for the Alaska Commercial Services Board, The Professional Guide Ethics Class.

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