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Updated by Steve Hartkopf on Jan 03, 2014
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Favorite Bloggers

Here is a list of bloggers I read regularly. Care to add anyone?

Chris Brogan is a best selling author, online contributor on multiple platforms, marketing consultant, and frequent speaker on social media and online marketing. Chris is highly accessible, we've emailed each other several times on subjects ranging from pets to blog templates. He recently launched Owner Magazine for entrepreneurs and is the CEO of Human Business Works.


Brian Clark is the guiding genius behind Copyblogger but he has talented people, like Sonia Simone, to help him. This is the number 1 site for blogging and writing instruction, which is good since that's how they earn their living.

Brains on Fire

Robbin Phillips is the President but she has a good team of inspired writers. They write an interesting blog and have published two books.

C.C. Chapman

C.C. Chapman shares his three words for 2014: Sharpen, Outside and Victories

Writing and Readability Scores: It Matters

Ann Handley manages the contributory blog, this links to a sample, at marketingprofs. A pioneer and leader in social media and B2B marketing. I also love the site, it's resource rich and easy to navigate.

Gary Vaynerchuk

I interviewed Gary when his book "Crush It" came out in late 2009. He's a showman but his videos and insights are spot on. He gets it and is worth listening to if you want to get calibrated on social media and content marketing. He's worth listening too but you’ll learn more by watching him apply the tactics.


Robert Scoble is a long term blogger, technical evangelist, trend setter and author. He is best known for his blog, Scobleizer, Lots of great video blogs and a great site to visit if you're interested in cutting-edge thinking.

Peggy Noonan

Peggy writes for the Wall Street Journal. She was Ronald Reagan's speak writer and author of several books. She is one of my favorite writers with a unique style and rich voice. She is someone worth reading if you want to add a bit of style to your writing.