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Bleaching Cream Without Hydroquinone

You may not like to use hydroquinone products to treat your pigmentation problems. Then look at my selected list of bleaching creams without hydroquinone.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics : Hydroquinone

What is hydroquinone? Hydroquinone is commonly found in products marketed to lighten the skin and is one of the most toxic ingredients still used in cosmetics. It is marketed most aggressively to women of color [4], and its use may exacerbate health hazards when used in conjunction with other products.

Hydroquinone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hydroquinone, also benzene-1,4-diol or quinol, is an aromatic organic compound that is a type of phenol, having the chemical formula C 6H 4(OH) 2. Its chemical structure, shown in the table at right, features two hydroxyl groups bonded to a benzene ring in a para position. It is a white granular solid.

Is Skin Lightening Without Bleaching Cream Possible?

Asked by Gingerale in Nigeria 4 years ago I'm black and i have a chocolate complexion. Currently areas of my skin have been discoloured due to exposure to the sun. People have advised me to use bleach creams to solve the problem, but i have discovered that i'd have to use these creams constantly to prevent the darkening from reappearing and if i don't the darkening would even get worse.

Staying Safe with Skin Lightening

Have you seen those celebrities that have obviously lightened their skin? It's been in the news so much lately, and the decision to lighten is very personal - it's between you and your family. Social issues aside, physicians get involved in skin lightening because many of the ...

Skin Bleaching

Everyone wants to have an even, smooth skin tone. Being plagued by dark spots - whether large or small, is a definite cosmetic no-no. But bleaching and whitening options have become so complicated it practically takes a degree to understand how to make the proper selection and arrange them into an effective routine.

Bio Claire Lightening Body Oil without Hydroquinone 6.6oz

Bio Claire Lightening Body Oil without