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Updated by Joseph Rampolla on Jul 22, 2016
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Top 30 Augmented Reality Contributors on Google +

Here is the top 30 Augmented Reality contributors on Google +

Drew Minock - About - Google+

Drew Minock - Teacher, Speaker - Bloomfield Hills Schools - Bloomfield Hills - Eastern Michigan University

Heath Mitchell - Sobre - Google+

Heath Mitchell - Obsessed with Augmented Reality. At Mitchlehan Media we've developed two AR apps for children to use to learn the Alphabet, Dinosaur names and the Solar System. - CEO and Co-Founder of Mitchlehan Media, LLC. Senior Team Lead at Target - Mitchlehan Media, LLC - Saint Louis, Missouri

Joseph Rampolla - About - Google+

Joseph Rampolla - E-Warrior / Futurist / Author / Podcaster / Speaker / Blogger My passion is to teach about the positive uses of emerging technologies while raising awareness to the potential downside of innovation. I have dedicated my life teaming up with ewarriors around the globe to protect the innocent in this lifelong mission.

CJ Rooney - About - Google+

CJ Rooney - International, man! - Web Entrepreneur - Eureka, Missouri - Experienced digital marketer, action sports enthusiast and international business major. After working for a successful indie label for four years, I became the go-to guy for helping artists and

Augmented Reality Developers - About - Google+

Augmented Reality Developers - augmentedreality, googleglass, virtualreality, education, new technology, development, AR, VR, art, glass, augmentedbook

Andrea Campaci - About - Google+

Andrea Campaci - Art Director and Web developer - Milano - Monza - Academy of Fine Arts of Brera - Academy of Fine Arts of Brera - Art Institute Monza

Brian Wassom - About - Google+

Brian Wassom - Attorney - Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP - Metro Detroit, MI

David Brydon - About - Google+

David Brydon - Nelson, New Zealand

Isidro Navarro - About - Google+

Isidro Navarro - Architect interested in BIM, Augmented Reality, Leap Motion & wearable technology - Architect, BIM & Augmented Reality consultant - INarquitectura - Barcelona

Luigi Cappel - About - Google+

Luigi Cappel - Futurist, Blogging coach, Location Based Services consultant - Futurist and Songwriter, specialising in Location Nased Services - SoLoMo Consulting Limited - Auckland - I am a futurist, location based services, mobile and wireless evangelist and songwriter. Also a frequent blogger about current and future issues as well as another about song writing.

Treffpunkt Idee - About - Google+

Treffpunkt Idee - Treffpunkt Idee ist ein Inhaber- geführter Augmented- Reality Spezialist mit der Kreativität und Begeisterung, die Ihnen wirklich innovative Lösungen bringt. - Augmented Reality Lösungen für Packaging, PoS Displays, Print, eCommerce und mehr!

Mostafa Akbari - About - Google+

Mostafa Akbari - mobile, Android, soical business, basketball, Kölsch, 2.0, e-Learning - Entrepreneur / Software Product Manager / Researcher - Bitstars

Always On - Always Augmented Manager PR & Social Media @ Metaio

Anett Gläsel-Maslov - Always On - Always Augmented Manager PR & Social Media @ Metaio - Manager PR & Social Media

Paul Hamilton - About - Google+

2013 Finalist - International EdTech Digest Awards Recognition Program honoring tools, trendsetters and leaders in the education and technology sector. The distinguished awards program recognizes outstanding solutions―and the best and brightest minds―in education and technology. Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2013.

eric weiss's Google Profile

eric weiss hasn't shared anything on this page with you.

Tim Gentle - About - Google+

Tim Gentle - eBusiness Strategist, Business Catalyst Solution Provider - Managing Director - Design Experts - Bendigo Victoria

James Dearsley - About - Google+

James Dearsley - Lover of business, lover of technology and its almost limitless potential, lover of sport, lover of gardening and lover of beekeeping. Not forgetting for one moment a lover of my family - Founder of The Digital Marketing Bureau and Independent Augmented Reality Consultant - The Digital Marketing Bureau - Newdigate, Surrey - Hello Everyone, thank you for viewing my profile.

Augmented Reality Trends - About - Google+

Augmented Reality Trends - Welcome to Augmented Reality Trends & explore the latest happening in the world of virtual reality - Augmented Reality Trends is an augmented reality blog. It is all about AR trends and technology. We provide augmented reality news and latest information about augmented reality software, augmented

Clyde DeSouza - About - Google+

Clyde DeSouza is a Creative Technology Evangelist. He explores technologies such as Augmented Reality, Real-time Game engines and Stereoscopic 3D and their influence on human perception. His non fiction book: "Think in 3D" has been seen on a growing number of film-locations and is used as prep reading by Directors and Cinematographers.

Cecilia Abadie - About - Google+

Cecilia Abadie - Geek, Google Glass Pioneer, Self-Quantifier, Transhumanist, Blogger, Speaker, currently playing with fun new ways to a better self @betterizeIt Blogger at: - Product Manager - Full Swing Golf, Inc. - Passionate about Technology's Evolution.

Marta Rauch - Sobre - Google+

Marta Rauch - Mobile, science, tech, robotics, space, gadgets, computing, cloud, gamification, augmented reality, Google Glass Explorer - Mobile usability, gamification, cloud, augmented reality - Oracle Corporation - Silicon Valley, CA - Mobile, science, tech, robotics, space, gadgets, computing, cloud, gamification, augmented reality, Google Glass Explorer.

Patrick O'Shaughnessey - Sobre - Google+

Patrick O'Shaughnessey - Augmented reality software developer, technophile, Glass Explorer, Dad. - Augmented Reality Software Developer - Patched Reality Inc - 60302 - Founder and Chief Developer, Patched Reality. Work:

Sarvesh Chandra - About - Google+

Sarvesh Chandra - Blogging at and about Automobiles, Internet Tips, Social Media, and other Know-How things..Graduating Electronics Engineering Course

Augmented Pixels (formerly AR23D) is one of the leading developers of Augmented Reality based solutions for retail, r...

We develop highly effective solutions that will help you to promote your brand, boost sales (for toys, souvenirs, etc.), increase customer engagement and direct selling efficiency.

Simon Phillips - About - Google+

Simon Phillips - SEO, Designer, Artist & Digital creator with a passion for Science, Spirit & the future. - Marketing Director - SEO - Designer - Webguy - Artist - Dejan SEO - I do my best to look at the positives in everything and strive to be a better creator, listener, teacher and innovator in the future.

  • My passion is to teach about the positive uses of emerging technologies while raising awareness to the potential downside of innovation. I have dedicated my life to teaming up with ewarriors around...

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