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Updated by Matthew A. Dolman on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for Florida Windshield Replacement Claims Law
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Florida Windshield Replacement Claims Law

Windshield replacement claims is the hidden secret among the insurance industry. I have shared several articles as a resource for consumers on Florida windshield replacement claims.

Windshield and Automobile Glass Replacement Specialists Not Fairly Compensated By Insurance Companies

Car collisions can often lead to catastrophic damage to your vehicle. Serious car crashes don't always result in cars being totaled and replaced, however. Most often, the vehicle or vehicles end up being repaired under the applicable insurance policy or policies. One frequent type of repair to a car involved in an accident is the [...]

Industry Responds to Investigation into Alleged Unnecessary Florida Windshield Replacements

Industry Responds to Investigation into Alleged Unnecessary Florida Windshield Replacements May 1, 2013 Auto glass shops in Florida have disputed a local report that accuses them of "taking advantage" of state law, which guarantees a zero-deductible windshield replacement.

American Windshield | Visibility Law | USA

‚ÄčThe U.S. Department of Transportation set federal regulations which outline minimum requirements for windshield visibility and conditions. Each state are required to enforce these requirements. These federal regulations state that, aside from legal tinting, the center of the windshield should be "free of discoloration or damage" This center area is defined as the space above the steering wheel, extending to two inches from the top of the windshield, and one inch from each side.

Auto Glass Attorney

The business of repairing and replacing automobile glass is truly a unique enterprise. It used to be, back in the day, if you did good work, local insurance agents would refer their policyholders to you and insurance companies would pay a fair price for your service.