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Headline for Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group UK
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Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group UK

The Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group UK is an industry initiative to prevent and detect fraud within health care and the insurance industry.

HICF Group, About

The Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group was commenced in July 2001 by a number of large insurers. There was little awareness of health care fraud in the UK until about 2000.

In 2000, the National Health Service (NHS) Counter Fraud and Security Management Services began highlighting cases of fraud and obtaining prosecutions. The goal back then remains the same today – to prevent and detect fraud within health care.

HICF Group, Services

HICFG Investigation Unit

A professional service to investigate health realted fraud and other loss/leakage. The HICFG investigation unit combines a mix of accredited trained investigators, analysts, auditors and clinical experts including a nursing team. We are the experts in health fraud investigation.

HICFG Legal Recoveries and Advice Hot line

Bespoke recovery on fraud loss and leakage within health care. The service bypasses the legal referral process and takes you straight to the barristers.

HICFG Training – Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist

Become an investigation expert. This accredited course will fine tune your investigative skills, provide you with employment and promotion opportunities, lead you to a path of higher learning and benefit your organization in loss prevention and risk measurement.

HICF Group, Training

Accredited counter fraud specialist course

This specialist training course has been organized by the Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group (HICFG). It includes standard traditional counter fraud techniques with bespoke clinical expertise. It is accredited by the Government-backed Counter Fraud Professional Accreditation Board (CFPAB) and leads to the Foundation level Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist (ACFS) award. Successful students can also progress to Advanced, Degree and even Masters level professional qualifications.

HICF Group, Legal

HICFG Legal recoveries and Advice Hot Line

Investigations are never a pleasant experience for anyone; however, there is reassurance from obtaining the best possible advice and guidance and at the earliest possible opportunity.

For HICFG Members, Lincoln House Chambers; widely recognized as one of the leading specialist criminal chambers, with a track record of over 30 years of excellence offers a number of important services and guarantees:

Specialist team

HICFG Members will have direct access to a selected team of individuals including Queens Counsel, with a track record of appearing in and winning the most complex, sensitive and high profile cases in the country. Offering advice and guidance to assist you prepare and where appropriate to present your case to the highest possible standard.

HICF Group, Delegate Information



Nr Chesham



Tel: 0844 980 2312

Fax: (01494) 765704





Latimer, Chesham, Buckinghamshire HP5 1UG

Tel: 0844 980 2312 Fax: (01494) 765704

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