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Updated by Wilson Basquiat on Jan 04, 2014
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Tribest Wheatgrass Grower

If you have a taste for fresh wheatgrass juices or have a higher demand for organic wheatgrass, I encourage you to try tribest wheatgrass grower. In just 10 days you can have all natural cultivated wheatgrass right at home. And, the best part is, you don't have to worry about giving it the proper sunshine or ventilation.

Tribest SM-350 Sproutman Wheatgrass Grower

I have been using the wheatgrass grower for about two weeks now and have just juiced my first tray. It was simple to put together, simple to water, and simple to harvest. I will be buying another grower to increase my crop yield since my friends have come over to get some of my awesome wheatgrass juices. I can have a full 10" to 12" tray within 7 days! Thats almost twice as fast then with soil and i can honestly taste the difference. Good job on making such a great product.

Victorio VKP1014 4-Tray Kitchen Seed Sprouter

Wow, I definitely recommend the Freshlife sprouter to anyone who wants to be able to grow and eat their own organic sprouts. This machine was easy to set up, and even easier to operate. Once the sprouter's assembled, all you really need to do to get started is add water, add seeds, and plug it in. After that, all you need to do is change the water once a day, and the sprouter does the rest for you!

Certified Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit - Grow & Juice Wheat Grass: Trays, Seed, Soil, Instructions, Wheatgrass Book...

This is my first time trying to grow anything on purpose. I was buying my wheatgrass from the Smoothie shop for $2.99 an OZ and thought I should try growing my own. I ordered this bundle and recieved my shipment on a Saturday (FedEx Home Delivery) approximately 5 day's after I ordered. The items arrived in excellent condition. The instructions included were easy to follow and I was able to grow 5 tray's of wheatgrass that each yielded 12.5 - 13 oz of juice each. I would recommend this vendor and this bundle for someone who's trying this for the first time.


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How Grass Works

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Tribest FreshLife Sprouter - Automatic Wheatgrass and Sprouter System

This sprouter is the best I have ever used. It is so easy and the quantity of sprouts is fantastic. All you have to do is change the water daily. I use organic sprouts from Mumm's. After sharing samples with friends they are ready to buy their own. Radish sprouts are by far the favourite and if you spin them dry in a salad spinner and store them in a rubbermaid container that has a separate slotted base inside, they keep for up to two weeks or more in the fridge

Tribest Wheatgrass Grower

By Wilson Basquiat | You can now have all natural wheatgrass right in the comfort of your own home. The best part is, its hassle free: no lighting, ventilation or complicated hook-ups.