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cat toilet paper guard

Tired of your cats playful yet cantankerous game of "lets see how much toilet paper I can unravel!"? Well take a look at the variety of cat toilet paper guards that will force kitty to play elsewhere.

Cat Toilet Paper Guard.

Cute, cuddly, and fluffy... No, I'm not talking about your cat, I'm talking about the toilet paper roll your cat ripped into oblivion! Stop toilet paper abuse once and for all, check out these solutions for kittys toilet paper obsession.

Cat Toilet Paper Guards Save You Money!

Rescue your toilet paper from your ferocious feline friend by investing in one of a variety of highly effective cat toilet paper guards!

Cat Toilet Paper Guard

Stop worrying about your cats haphazard toilet paper mangling games and save some money by investing in a cat toilet paper guard.

cat toilet paper guard

Its a well know fact that cats love toilet paper... well they love to tear your poor toilet paper rolls into a mangled pile of fluff anyways. Its time to stop kitty once and for all with these specially designed toilet paper guards!

Blomus Toilet Roll Holder, Wrap Around

The bathroom as a space to enjoy and which aims to provide atmosphere and style takes second place to no other furnishings or fittings in your living space. If the harmonious interplay of form and function works as well as it does in the TARRO bathroom line from blomus, then the feeling of relaxed well-being just happens of its own accord.

"I bought one of these about 10 months ago because I have a cat that LOVES shredding the toilet paper. Though they're kind of pricey, I just bought two more so there's one in each of our bathrooms. They have completely shut down the cat, and we can leave the doors open to the bathrooms again! I'd recommend these with absolutely no reservations."

"I love this item! We searched for a long time to find something to keep our kitty from destroying the toilet paper. This item serves the purpose perfectly and, besides, it is a very attractive item for our bathroom decor. Well-made. Highly recommended!!"

Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover

We have a variety of patterns to pick from so please look at the patterns and let us know what you like.

"I have a cat who LOVES to chew/claw this up, but he could not get to the paper any longer and this cat opens doors....."

"This product was designed to solve the problem of wasted toilet paper. Kitties, doggies and even babies love to play with toilet paper and waste it! End that nightmare with this product. It works! Nothing compares to it in ingenuity, flexibility or price. You will love it. They come in a variety of patterns for every occasion, taste and decor. Awesome product. I never thought anything would stop my kitty from destroying my toilet paper (and spreading pieces all over the house daily!) except closing the bathroom door but I was wrong! The Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover did! Check out the video! (link to video is available from the link above)"

EZ-Load Toilet Paper Holder

No more fighting with spindle-type toilet paper holders that make it difficult to change rolls! This holder truly is easy to load thanks to independent spring hinges on each side. Ideal for families with children, people with arthritis and the vision-impaired. Lid flap keeps tissue under cover. Durable plastic.

"If you have a cat who loves to roll the paper off the roll, try the EZ-Load Toilet Paper Holder. The lid/flap goes over the top of the roll, and kitty can't get their claws on it to start rolling."

"I was skeptical, but this really worked. The cat no longer unrolls or chews on the roll of toilet paper. We have to have it roll 'under', but it is serving its purpose - it's cat proof."

"Perfect Product!! It completely deterred my cat from destroying my toilet paper. She had gone through about 5 rolls before I bought this. I was skeptical because it doesn't cover the entire roll but it works! Definitley buy a tile drill bit and make sure you are accurate with measuring the holes though"

MollaSpace Paper Pot Toilet Paper and Tissue Paper Holder, Blue

A refreshing new change for tissue and toilet paper cases. Modern and colorful, the Paper Pot is perfect for the bathroom as a toilet paper dispenser or as a tissue dispenser in any room. Top unscrews and has a rod in the center to set tissues on or to hold a toilet paper roll.

“ I got this to keep my cat from destroying all the toilet paper and it works! ”
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4.0 out of 5 stars Works well October 5, 2013
By Oceana Man
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"Not sure what the other reviewers got, but mine looks exactly as shown. Works as I wanted it to, keeps my cat from shredding the toilet paper. It's plastic, fairly sturdy and a good price."

why does my cat eat toilet paper?

Cats are funny creatures, I've had cats that eat cotton balls, plastic bags, and my hair! Just keep the toilet paper out of reach of the cat. Your cat just enjoys the texture or taste of it.

"Cats eating toilet paper": Pet Health Community - Support Group

WebMD: Pets need to be healthy too! Here's a spot where Rover and Fluffy can get expert advice while you share your stories with other furry friend lovers.

The Great Toilet Paper Debate

Status: Confirmed Year Unknown Origin Unknown Tags debate, 4chan, trolling Additional References Wikipedia About The Great Toilet Paper Debate is a popular discussion topic regarding the proper orientation of a toilet paper roll with respect to the bathroom wall, which can be either hung over (away from the wall) or under (close to the wall) the toilet roll holder.

Cat unrolling toilet paper

Stinky loves to unroll the toilet paper.

Boots vs Toilet Paper (Funny Cat)

Carnage! Destruction! Annihilation! FAQs: Boots is a rescue, so he's not a particular breed -- just a domestic medium hair (coat: tuxedo). He is 10 months old in this video.