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The recruiter's dilemma (and how to fix it)

The goals of a recruiter or HR rep often conflict with one another. Here we break down three strategies to hire more efficiently. What are the goals of the hiring process from the perspective of the employer? Easy: hire the best possible candidate, and do it fast.

3 Cost cutting tips (that you can implement immediately)

We put our experience working at lean businesses to use in with these essential tips to help you save time and money. Every business owner wants to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Why wouldn't you? However, most money-saving tips, such as letting employees work from ...

Opening a Small Business in Boston: Five Tips That Will Help

Looking to open a small business in Boston? Check out this article for some useful advice. Boston is a great place to open a small business. The city is dedicated to building its reputation around innovation and offers numerous possibilities for networking. Because there are many good schools in the area, you can find well-educated employees.

How to Keep Your Financial Resolutions in 2014

Setting goals for a new year is easy. Accomplishing them, however, is a whole different story. Check out this article for some useful advice on how to keep your financial resolutions in 2014. December is the perfect time to start setting financial goals you would like to achieve in the next year.

Buying a Home in Boston: Five Tips That Will Help

Buying a home in today's economy is difficult, and the fact that Boston is one of the priciest cities in the U.S. to live in isn't helping. Even if you aren't looking to buy one of the most expensive homes in Boston, the process of buying a house can last for several months and become overwhelming.

Tips for Medical Coders: How to Be More Productive

Are you a medical coder? This article offers some tips on how to boost your productivity. If you are a medical coder, you know how challenging the job can be. You need great attention to detail and the ability to focus solely on the task at hand in order to properly review and process medical docum...

How to Manage Your Time More Effectively In 2014

The beginning of the year is usually a time when people make resolutions, tweak their routines in order to become more productive and focus on their goals for the future. If you are planning to manage your time more effectively in 2014, check out this article for some useful tips.If you are constant...

How to Prevent Security Breaches When Using Remote Desktop Software

Using remote desktop software can improve the efficiency of your business. However, you must set security protocols in order keep your sensitive information safe. This article offers some helpful security guidelines for companies using remote desktop software. Remote desktop software can make your employees' lives easier.

Five Things to Know Before Starting a Remote Support Business - RollandOsteen Blog -

If you have good computer skills, offering PC support from the comfort of your home may seem tempting. However, there are a few things you need to know before starting your small company. Check out this article for some helpful tips. Starting your own business is always a challenging process.

Tips for Starting Your Own Medical Transcription Business from Home

Medical transcription can be a highly rewarding career, and working from home has some obvious advantages. This article offers some helpful information about how to properly start a medical transcription business from home. Even with the widespread use of new technology, medical transcriptionists will always be in high demand.

Recommendations, Key to Finding a Good Transcription Service Provider

If you are looking for a reliable transcription service provider you should make your decision based also on recommendations from other personnel in the field. This article offers some tips on what you should look for. Good medical transcriptionists are in high demand.

An Adaptation From 'Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt,' by Michael Lewis

Before the collapse of the U.S. financial system in 2008, Brad Katsuyama could tell himself that he bore no responsibility for that system. He worked for the Royal Bank of Canada, for a start. RBC might have been the fifth-biggest bank in North America, by some measures, but it was on nobody's mental map of Wall Street.

Tips for Corporate Blogging

As long as you do it right, starting a company blog can bring your business many benefits. Check out this article for useful tips on how to woo your customers with compelling content. A corporate blog can be a valuable (and cheap!) marketing tool for your business.

10 Collaboration Tools for Small Business

Communication tools let businesses easily hold meetings and share information wherever they are.Credit: Videoconferencing image via Shutterstock From online meetings to remote tech support, technology has made communicating with employees easier and more affordable than ever - so much so that even small businesses are prioritizing their communication strategies.

Symantec taps banks to help combat glut of activist investors

Symantec has called in the banks to try to aid the company's recovery and pull it away from a hostile group of activist shareholders. Related: Symantec gets shot of CEO Steve Bennett Reuters reports people familiar with the matter as stating the company has been talking to JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Morgan Stanley with the view to assisting the firm on strategy and how to defend against activist investors.

Six Reasons to Outsource Medical Transcription

This blog This is a blog that tries to find solutions to different problems HR managers face on a regular basis. Subjects will cover everything from how to efficiently sort through applicants when looking for new hires to how to successfully keep staff committed and motivated, offer constructive feedback, and encourage your employees to thrive.

How to Reward Employees Without Giving Them a Raise

Employees are more productive when they feel their hard work is truly valued. Sometimes, though, companies can't afford to give them a raise or any kind of financial compensation. Wondering what you can do to reward your employees when a bonus or promotion is out of the question?

Five Things You Didn't Know You Needed When Opening a Business

Starting a small business can feel like an overwhelming process. In addition to a great idea, you also need a lot of motivation and discipline to pull it off. Check out this article for a few pointers that will help. In the business world, there are no sure bets.

5 ways companies are using big data to help their customers

Once upon a time, you went to the same neighborhood bakery every time you needed bread. Even before you placed your order, the shopkeeper already had a loaf bagged and ready. As you paid, she would ask what was new with your family.

Employee Training: A Necessary Expense and Investment

Employees are often the most valuable asset of every successful business. Training employees to become even better at their jobs should be viewed as a necessary expense, an investment in the future of your company. However, you have to make the training worthwhile for your staff. Check out this article to find out more.

Five Challenges Remote Teams Face (And How to Overcome Them)

Remote teams will become a more common occurrence in the future, as more companies conduct business online. Even though there are several advantages to managing a remote team, the job comes with its fair share of challenges.

5 CRM Solutions for Small Businesses

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an invaluable tool that lets businesses find, manage and keep customers. By organizing prospects and current customers in a centralized platform, CRM gives businesses a bird's-eye view of their pipeline, allowing them to streamline processes, deliver stellar customer service and increase sales.

Four Ways to Prevent Your Small Business from Going Under

There are many reasons why small businesses fail. To name a few: poor management, inadequate cash reserves, overdependence on a single client. When you're thinking about opening your own business, you need a long-term plan to keep it afloat and a few solid contingency plans to put in motion in case anything goes wrong.

The Best Way to Incorporate Your Small Business

In reference to undertaking a new and arduous endeavor, Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu is quoted as saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." If he were reincarnated as a modern accountant or business lawyer, he might tell a client about to start another type of new and arduous endeavor, "The key to a successful small business is choosing the right legal entity."

Why Seasonal Work Isn't Just For Students Anymore

Summer and other seasonal work is not just for kids anymore. Depending on life stage, job goals, and financial needs, seasonal work increasingly appeals to a widening swath of the U.S. working pool. Unlike part-time work, seasonal work can be almost full time during a distinct time period.

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