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Social Media

Pampering Business through Gates of StumbleUpon - exploreB2B

If you have a business, why don’t you stumble? StumbleUpon is a popular social bookmarking site where people frequently visit to read the “bookmarked” news, articles, tips, recipes, and many more. Even though you must be a beginner on StumbleUpon, you need to have great posts for raising the chances of strong following.

The Most Epic Social Media Fails of 2013

Ah, 2013 was a good year. It was the year contemporary enough to add 'Amazeballs' to the dictionary, prickly enough to shut down the American government for a few weeks, and audacious enough to televise Miley Cyrus and all her various twerking manifestations.

7 Things For Effective Networking On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most trusted social media networks, where professionals go over reliably in search of other members. Therefore, projecting oneself correctly should be the first move. Avoid any false move that stands in the way of securing a vantage on LinkedIn. Try gaining maximum while you are on LinkedIn.

Online Marketing Tips: Use Action Keywords For Facebook Engagement

Use Action Keywords To Shake Up Your Business Facebook Page You've got a company Facebook page. You've set up a killer social media editorial calendar. You spent a considerable amount of time scouring the web for insightful and interesting content to regularly post for your fans.

Dominate Social Media Results by Smartly Handling Negative Comments

Some Businesses don't want to be on the social media because they don't want negative feedback for their products or services. But, even if you're not using the social media, you will get adverse comments on these networks. So it's essential to be on these networks for only then you can act on these comments in a direct way.

9 Simple Ways to Reinforce Your Brand on Twitter

People have experienced branding success on Twitter in real-time by utilizing promotional messages, sharing engaging stories and organizing events. The social media network is more popular than ever, and is being used to connect with people who are curiously following your brand. Escalate your brand presence and reinforce your business on Twitter by networking and communicating with people over short text messages of just 140 characters.

Get on the Right Social Network for Your Business Promotion

If your business is not getting the right attention on the social media, maybe it's time to rethink about the platform. Make the most by choosing the right platform for your business.

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are unique. Advertisers can show these targeted ads to specific groups of people who find them exciting. These highly attractive ads are likely to get you more Likes, Comments and Shares. It is observed that increased ad promotion generates better results in terms of user engagement, improved leads and sales.