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Headline for Back and Neck Injuries From an Auto Accident or Motorcycle Accident
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Back and Neck Injuries From an Auto Accident or Motorcycle Accident

I have created a resource of articles concerning back and neck injuries related to both car wrecks and motorcycle accidents,


Whiplash: A Painful Example of Physics in Action

"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." This colloquialism describes physicist Issac Newton's Third Law of Motion: When two bodies interact by exerting force on each other, these forces (termed the action and the reaction) are equal in magnitude, but opposite in direction. For must of us, we don't realize how much this law [...]

Neck Injury Attorney Offers a Concise Explanation of Cervical Radiculopathy

Cervical Radiculopathy refers to the disturbance or damage of nerves in the neck, resulting from compression of the cervical vertebrae. Damage to the nerve roots in this region can cause pain, weakness and loss of sensation in the neck shoulders or limbs. The most common symptom of cervical radiculopathy is pain that spreads into the [...]

Whiplash: Why many are going untreated and sustain lasting painful injuries

What is whiplash? Whiplash, also more formally known as, moderate impact soft tissue damage, is commonly associated with rear end automobile accidents. The damage is often times caused to the cervical spine (upper neck) and occurs when a person's head extends forward and backward in a snapping-like motion.

Loss of Motion Segment Integrity (LMSI) and Injuries to the Neck

A loss of motion segment integrity (hereinafter referred to as LMSI) relates to the movement of two adjacent vertebral bodies as measured in flexion and extension. The "loss" in integrity relates to the alteration in movement such as a loss in range of motion or movement beyond what would be considered normal limits.

Common Spine Injury Related to Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents

What is Radiculopathy? Radiculopathy is not a specific condition, but rather a description of a general issue in which one or more nerves are affected and do not work properly. The symptoms generate from the nerve root. Damage to a nerve root can manifest in pain, weakness, numbness, or difficulty controlling specific muscles.

Staying At a Healthy Weight Is Critical To Making a Full Recovery

When you are recovering from a back and neck injury inĀ an accident, you probably are not thinking about your workout routine. You might also find yourself relying on takeout and frozen foods more than you normally do because of the difficulties of shopping for groceries and preparing fresh meals with your injury. Both of these mindsets and habits can be dangerous for your waistline and by extension, your recovery.
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Hidden Impact: Why Seeing a Doctor Today Could Save You a Lifetime of Treatment Tomorrow

Often times being involved in an automobile accident, even a minor one, leaves you with lasting negative repercussions that may not be evident to you at first. Following the initial feelings of confusion, anxiety and even anger, it is important to follow the appropriate procedures both at the scene of the accident and in the [...]

ACDF: A Useful Spinal Fusion Process

I can remember my grandmother preaching, "Don't mess with mother nature and don't go cutting on your body!" It's good advice in general, but what do you do when the doctor tells you that you need surgery to resolve your back pain? In the modern era, we search the internet for more information.

Spinal Fusion: A Surgical Solution When Movement is Painful

What is Spinal Fusion? Spinal fusion is surgery to permanently join together two or more vertebrae in your spine so that there is no movement between them. It also can prevent the stretching of nerves and surrounding ligaments and muscles. This surgery is often an option when motion is the source of pain.

Laser Spine Surgery is too Good to be True

To the millions of Americans that suffer from neck and back pain, Laser Spine Surgery may seem too good to be true. Laser Spine Surgery is big business for the innumerable medical providers that perform the procedure. Marketing for the surgery boasts that it is a non-invasive, effective, and safe marvel of modern medicine.

Is Laser Spine Surgery Dangerous?

As a personal injury attorney, I am routinely interacting with individuals who sustained serious spinal injuries. As it turns out, the human body was not designed to handle the force created by 2000+ pound metal objects colliding. So, as beautifully designed, as the human spinal anatomy is, spine injuries often result from car accidents.

"Hulkamania" is running wild on Laser Spine Institute

Terry Bollea, also known as Hulk Hogan, recently filed a "Big Boot" of a malpractice lawsuit against the Tampa, FL branch of Laser Spine Institute, alleging that the clinic performed unnecessary surgeries that ended his career in the ring. The case is now pending in the Pasco-Pinellas court system.

Back and neck injuries

Back And Neck Injuries Florida Back and Neck Injury Lawyers Do you have Back and Neck Injuries? The most common physical ailments we see in auto-accident or motorcycle related claims are neck and back injuries. Discogenic (relating to a disc injury) pathology in the cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back) and lumbar (mid-back to the tailbone) [...]

Is Manipulation Under Anesthesia a Legitimate Procedure?

Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) is a therapy that is claimed by practicing practitioners to improve articular and soft tissue movement using a controlled release, myofascial (pressure point) manipulation, and mobilization while the patient is under moderate to deep sedation. The procedure allegedly breaks up scar tissue around a joint that lacks a complete range of [...]

What if my cervical MRI is negative? I know that I am in pain!!

There are many diagnostic facilities and physicians offering a study known as a digital motion x-ray (DMX). The science behind a DMX study is hardly new or unique, in fact videofluoroscopy has been around for many years. However, it was not until recently that physicians began utilizing this science to illustrate acceleration deceleration injuries (commonly [...]

High Intensity Zone

In the above picture, it demonstrates T2 Weighed MRI images of a L4-L5 Disk protrusion with increased intensity or an appearance of a lighter area in the margins of the annulus in the sagittal view. Most radiologists will call this a High Intensity Zone, within a disk protrusion.

Spine Surgery, Then and Now - Shim Spine

Spine surgery has definitely advanced. If you a have concerns about your spine, know that technology has improved compared to yester year.

Latest on Why Discs Herniate

The above image is taken from August 1, 2013 Spine. It is the title of the ISSLS Prize winning article by Dr. Rajasekaran. As you can see, it was a prospective study microscopically analysing disk material retrieved from 181 subjects, who underwent lumbar discectomy surgery.

Herniated Disc Injuries after a Car Accident

Most people have heard of the term "slipped" or "ruptured" discs. When people say this, they are actually describing a herniated disc, which is a common source of pain in the neck, lower back, arms and legs. Herniated discs can often occur after a vehicular collision.

Spinal Fracture Accidents in Florida

Spinal fractures in Florida are typically caused by high velocity accidents such as car crashes or long falls, and they are very serious injuries. They can pinch, compress, and even tear the spinal cord. Treatment of spinal fractures depends on the type of fracture and the degree of instability.

Lower Back Injuries after a Car Accident

Automobile collisions frequently result in lower back injuries to the vehicle occupants. After a car crash, back pain can be immediate. Other times, however, back pain can reveal itself weeks or even months after a crash. Pain in the lower back could be caused by a number of conditions, and locating the exact cause of [...]

Whiplash Injuries after a Clearwater Car Crash

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that over 3 million people are injured each year in vehicle accidents across the country The type and severity of injuries suffered by drivers and passengers involved in a car accident depend several factors, such as: Was it a low-speed collision or a high-speed crash?

Injection Therapy Following a Car Accident

Spine pain often occurs after a collision or slip and fall accidents. Clients present to my Clearwater office in varying levels of pain after such accidents occur. Sometimes the pain gets better over time and other times it progresses to levels that are a constant disturbance from a normal healthy lifestyle.

What's causing the Pain in my Lower Back and Neck after a Car Crash

Two of the most common pain generators in the lumbar spine are 1) the discs, and 2) the facet joints, with facet oriented pain being more common the older you get, and discogenic pain being more common overall. If you're suffering back pain, it is important to know the difference between these two causes.