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Updated by Matthew A. Dolman on Mar 21, 2017
Headline for Florida Diminished Value Claims
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Florida Diminished Value Claims

I have compiled a list of articles related to Florida diminished value claims

What You Need to Know About Diminished Value and Leased Vehicles

A thorough analysis of what a consumer needs to understand about diminished value claims.

Diminished Value: The Secret the Insurance Industry Doesn't Want You to Know

Imagine that you are driving safely and suddenly a negligent driver rear-ends your vehicle. Even if you are lucky enough to escape the accident without any bodily injury, you likely have damage to your vehicle. You arrange the necessary repairs and file a claim with the insurance company who covers the repair expenses and your [...]

Car Repaired After A Collision? You Might Still Be Owed More Money

As you may expect, when an automobile has been involved in a collision and subsequently repaired, the vehicle's market value drops. This is what is known as Diminished Value. It sounds like a relatively simple concept, but when it comes to collision repairs, people often forget about the diminished values of their vehicles.