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Updated by Jen Olney on Dec 23, 2013
Headline for Ginger's Top 5 Picks Of The Week December 22nd 2013
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Ginger's Top 5 Picks Of The Week December 22nd 2013

Gut Check: Leadership and Emotion #TChat Recap By Nancy Rubin @NancyRubin Ft. @SteveGutzler

We've all worked with them. Brilliant intellectuals who hold managerial titles - yet they struggle to form and sustain effective professional relationships. They lack self-awareness, and seem even more clueless about how to deal with others. As leaders, they may be tolerated, ignored or even undermined.

Why Instagram Will Be The King Of Social Media In 2014 (And How To Leverage It) By Ross Simmonds @thecoolestcool

Instagram has gone from a selfie platform to a storytelling platform overnight. It's quickly challenging the social media trifecta of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through photo sharing in a mobile world. Instagram gives brands an opportunity to tell their story through visuals.

Do Your Contests Amplify Content +800%? By Nick Kellet @NickKellet

Contests are always roller-coaster rides. There is a fine art to running the perfect contest. People get emotionally charged when a contest is running. You also never know when a big contest is going to begin. You never know which contest is going to be big!

Lazy Content Marketing Or How Not To Write a List Post By Sam Fiorella @SamFiorella

I get it. Digital and social channels, in which the "social proof" of one's skills, reputation, and quality lie, have become a necessary marketing tactic for individual and business brands. More followers, prospects, customers, and other stakeholder are continuing to choose the Internet as their primary source for decision-making data.

Digital Marketers: How To Explain Your Job To Grandma This Holiday Season By Anne Reuss @AnneReuss

A few days ago, I started chuckling to myself when thinking of the holidays - at how I still have a hard time explaining what I do - despite my passion. I STILL manage to fumble it up and it doesn't always resonate with people especially those who think all you do is....