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George Donnelly (@georgedonnelly)

I write page-turning science fiction for freedom lovers. Get some for free at

Libertarian Party (@libertarianCDN)

----------- Official Twitter account of The Libertarian Party of Canada ------------ Less government, lower taxes, more freedom.

Laurie Rice (@Laurie__Rice)

Writer / Objectivist / libertarian / feminist / aspiring cowgirl. I like Ayn Rand, running, the Gulabi Gang, reproductive freedom, and dogecoin.

Chris Moody (@moody)

Political reporter for Yahoo! News.

Kris (@KJH1787)

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Michael Steele (@MichaelSteele)

Former Chairman, RNC
Former Lt. Gov. Maryland

Darrell E. Issa (@TeamIssa)

Congressman, Chairman - Oversight & Government Reform Committee

NJ Libertarian Party (@NewJerseyLP)

Official Twitter Account of the New Jersey Libertarian Party (NJLP). #TLOT #LiveFree #Liberty #Libertarian #NJPol #NJ

AR Libertarian Party (@ARLibertarianP)

Official tweets from the Libertarian Party of Arkansas.

HockeyHunter (@StuffHunter4U)

Serious Hockey Fan & Love to play! I hunt for Hockey Items and bring them to you!

Megan Thompson (@mei__gin)

Destination and purpose unknown.

Meg Richard (@megrichard_)

wife to rob, mom of 3, runner, book nerd, small gov't libertarian. i am a princess because my Father is a King! #jer2911

jBe (@JBeRoe)

Peace advocate. Libertarian. Future Skin care professional. Interior design geek. Lipstick collector. Lover of pickles.

Aaron Ross Powell (@ARossP)

Research fellow at the @CatoInstitute, where I run (@Libertarianism). I also wrote a novel, THE HOLE, which is very good.

Terry Kinder (@tkinder)

Terry Kinder: Libertarian, business, politics, Christian, economics, anti-war, property rights, ADHD, ADD, free market, liberty, individual rights, TCOT, TLOT

Trevor Lyman (@trevorlyman)

Liberty is beautiful!

Catotheyounger (@catoletters)

Think for yourself. Human choice is the foundation of liberty. libertarian Peace AustrianEconomics Anarcho-Capitalism EndTheFed Mises Rothbard

Alan Mercer (@CdnLiberty)

Canadian antiwar and anti-New World Order libertarian.

Zach Rand (@zachary_rand)

Former Army officer | OIF/OND Veteran | Entrepreneur
|| Co-Founder, The Able Ebenezer Brewing Co. [views are mine]

Cost Benefit Jr. (@cost_benefit_jr)

CBJr is a homeschool Austrian economics curriculum

FreeTalkLive (@FreeTalkLive)

#freetalklive is the next generation of issues oriented talk. What is the meaning of freedom? This show is about Liberty with a capital L.

John  (@goodinohio)

Class Action Lawsuit against the NSA

Andy (@HeroInBlack)

Structural Engineer/Poker Player