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Updated by Jackson Middleton on Jul 23, 2020
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The Kilted Broker | Where to Find Jackson Middleton Online

Here is a list of all the places you will find me online. If you need to get a hold of me, here are a bunch of ways!

Canadian Mortgage Hangout | #cmhTV

I am a host on the weekly Google+ hangout Canadian Mortgage Hangout or #cmhTV. We have been broadcasting since 2012 with a focus of making the mortgage broker industry in Canada better. We discuss industry issues and ways we can best serve our clients.

The Because Money Podcast | #becausemoney

I am a host on the weekly Google+ hangout called the Because Money Podcast. In this live hangout, we discuss personal finance news in Canada while engaging viewers on twitter. We also continue the conversation in the Canadian Personal Finance Community on Google+

@kiltedbroker | Twitter

No secret, I am most accessible on Twitter... it is where I picked up my handle the Kilted Broker. If you need me, send me a tweet. My twitter bio is: I am wearing a kilt right now. I have consumed coffee today. Family Man. Innovator ~ Executive Editor @firstfoundation #OwnGrowProtect blog ~ Western Canada

Jackson Middleton Professional Profile | LinkedIn

If you are looking for some credentials, have a look at my LinkedIn Profile. If we have done business together in the past, I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn, if you would like to leave a recommendation or endorsement for something I have worked with you on in the past, please go ahead and do that!

Jackson Middleton | Google+

I absolutely love Google+ and use it daily. I am the owner of several communities including the Canadian Real Estate Community and the Canadian Personal Finance Community. I am a host with 2 weekly hangouts and actually spend most of my social time on this platform.

Jackson Middleton Personal Account | Facebook

Here is my personal Facebook account. Ultimately I use my personal account to connect with my friends and family. If we have never really connected online previously, this might not be the best place to start. However if we know each other and you want to connect with me here, please send a request! As I share a lot of pictures of my family on Facebook, I keep it tight.

KiltedBroker | Soundcloud

Here is my Soundcloud account where I share short audio clips. Most of the times these short podcasts are meant for embedding as part of a blog post, however I do have some standalone material on my account.

Jackson Middleton | Listly

There is no secret, I love making lists. Here is my account where I create all kinds of cool lists. In case you didn't realize it, this list that you are looking at right now was created on

Jackson Middleton | Klout The Standard for Influence

Klout is the Standard for Influence and ranks social reach online. I use my Klout account to answer expert questions and endorse people I think are credible in certain areas.

kiltedbroker | Instagram

I love Instagram, I take pictures of my family, my food and anything else I think is cool. I love connecting with people on Instagram as I think it is a window into what people see as everyday life!

Kilted Broker |

I don't do much on Vine, but I have the account and sometimes use it to capture my kids doing something cute. I like Vine, but still trying to figure out how I can use it effectively to say something worth saying.

Kilted Broker | Pinterest

I pin infographics and a collection of people in #KeithsGlasses. I also have a few budding collections of clean eating foods and places I have travelled. Oh, and I like pinning pictures of Kilts. Yes, I realize that as a male, I am in the minority on Pinterest, but it is a great platform!

Jackson Middleton | Medium

I absolutely love the format of Medium and blogged a bit on my account in 2013. However I transferred all my content to my blog and have continued blogging there. However I have a few collections on Medium worth checking out!

Jackson Middleton | Foursquare

I use my foursquare account primarily when I am on vacation or business trips to find new places to go. I also leave tips at local places I frequent. I have been known to secure a few mayorships in my time!

Jackson Middleton | Regina SK | Yelp

Here is my Yelp account where I review businesses I have been to. I use my account while travelling, however if I have an exceptional (or completely unexceptional) experience locally, I will share on Yelp.

  • I am wearing a kilt right now and have consumed coffee today. Family Man. Innovator. Foodie. List Maker. Marketing consultant living on Vancouver Island. I don't own pants.

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