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Updated by Randy Hilarski on Dec 23, 2013
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Google Plus #ChristmasGiveAwayHangout Guest List

Monday December 23, 2013 is the date for the great #ChristmasGiveAwayHangout on Google Plus. Here is the All Star guest list.

Randy Hilarski - Google+

Randy Hilarski - Independent Social Media and Marketing Manager with a focus on Precious Metals and Expatriate Living in Panama. Marketers and SEO professionals contact me for a seat on our AdExchange. Fellow Veterans where are you? How much Gold and Silver do you want? Let´s feed the world with Aquaponics.

Anabell Hilarski - Google+

Anabell Hilarski - Independent Social Media and Marketing, Blogger & Web Traffic. I love teaching Spanish using Google Plus Hangouts & Motivational Coaching - Social Media Marketer - High Impact Media Group Panama - Hi everyone I am Anabell Hilarski. My company is Hight High Impact Media Group Panama and I am passionate about everything related to Google Plus.

Michael Q Todd - Google+

Michael Q Todd - in Tokyo and am author , manager and editor of +The 7 Pillars Book, a collaborative daily updating resource about your online presence. Live in Tokyo, Japan - Author and editor of +The 7 Pillars Book - +THE 7 PILLARS BOOK - Tokyo, Japan - Hi.

Mia Voss - Google+

Mia Voss - Entrepreneur, Host of the #SocialMediaPowerChat, Social Media Enthusiast, People Connector, Cheerleader for Sh#t I Love! - Entrepreneur, Interview Host, Consultant, Strategist, Building Inspector: all about the community connection! - The Mia Connect - Denver, CO - My background is DIVERSE (to say the least!), but I've found my true calling with The Mia Connect OnAir program, Google+ and Social Media in general...!

Craig Chamberlin - Google+

Craig Chamberlin - Geek. Gamer. Movie Maker. YouTuber. GIFer. Dad. Plusser. Sharer. So Circle Me And Subscribe Already!

Internet Marketing Powerhouse

Hi! I'm Scott Buehler and have been an Internet Marketer for over 12 years. My primary focus now is Web Hosting Choose where I offer video tutorials and step by step guides to help those new to web hosting get their first website online.

Billy Funk - Google+

Billy Funk - Speaker | Trainer | Entrepreneur - Speaker | Trainer | Marketer - - Chicago - Mastermind Action Plan - Billy Funk is a Professional Marketer, Motivational Speaker, and Personal Development Coach. Subscribe to Billy's You Tube Channel to get almost daily Motivational Mindset Videos!

Rebekah Radice - Google+

Rebekah Radice - Social Media Strategist, Consultant, Trainer and Digital Marketing Specialist - Social Media Strategist, Consultant, Trainer and Digital Marketing Specialist - Rebekah Radice, LLC - Los Angeles,California - I am a social media strategist, content developer, brand manager and social media trainer.

Yoriko Todd - Google+

Yoriko Todd - Health Blogger - Health Blogger - Health Blogger - Yokohama, Japan - Hi. I live in Yokohama, Japan with my husband +michaelqtodd. I love learning about and talking about health

Lany Sullivan - Google+

Lany Sullivan - Your Go2Girl and Social Media Chic - Online Outreach Marketing - I wanted to provide a place and purpose to share my passions and interests with others.

David Oldenburg - Google+

David Oldenburg - Hi, I host the Online Money Show, right here on Google+ with Nicole Flannery! The Online Money Show is a LIVE ON AIR social media, online business and current event show. By following me, you can engage with me and the show.

Chadwick Halse - Google+

Chadwick Halse - Son, Husband, Father, Brother, Friend - Entrepreneur - Self - Albany New York Area - University of Life - Web Design and Marketing #branding #social #influence #leadership #local #marketing

Jason T. Wiser - Google+

Jason T. Wiser - Digital Strategy Consultant | Social Media | Web Development | Advanced Wordpress - Webdesign and Social Media Consultant. Host of "Get on Track, Stay on Track" Small Business Video Podcast Series. Christian Missionary to the Romani people of Ukraine. - Webination Station - Owner of Webination Station Digital Strategy Development.


Elizabeth Simpson Google +

Elizabeth Simpson Google +

Personal Organic Chef
SBO, CEO, marketing, advertising,
composting, CMS, Drupal, photography