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Updated by Health and Tech on Jun 28, 2015
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EMF Protection for iPad

The iPad is a wireless device, establishing a connection to the internet via wireless radiofrequency signals that can, over time, affect health. As a precaution, there are a few emf protection technologies in the market that claim to reduce the effects of iPad radiation. Below you will see our recommendations


GIA Universal Guardâ„¢

The GIA Universal Guard is a well-proven EMF Protection device for iPad and other pc tablets. It is powered by a patented MRET technology and a proprietary ERT technology from GIA Wellness. You just attach it to your iPad and then just forget it. It will 'harmonize' the radiofrequency signals emitted by the iPad in a way that is no longer biologically harmful. Click on the title link to watch the video.

EarthCalm Torus: iPad Wireless Radiation Protection

Using the EarthCalm Omega WiFi on your router at home will cover protection for your iPad as well. However, if you are traveling or use the tablet outside of the home, you will need a device specifically attached to the iPad itself. The Torus is designed for this purpose and works quite well.

EarthCalm Omega WiFi: WiFi Router Radiation Protection

Plug this into your wifi router, and the wireless signals it emits get transformed into more beneficial, bio-compatible frequencies. Any other device connected to the router network, e.g. laptops, ipad, etc., will be protected as well. Very effective at what it does.

[Video] iPad Radiation (EMFs): How To Reduce Your Exposure Did you know that an iPad tablets emits significant electromagnetic fields (EMFs)? This video shows the two main types of EMF emitted by an iPad. And it shows you how you can significantly reduce your exposure to these EMFs -without turning your tablet off.

iPad Radiation - How To Reduce Your Exposure

Small is beautiful, they say. The Apple iPad tablet seems to hit the spot in both the small and beautiful departments. Small it may be, but in terms of functionality and computing power the iPad packs a mighty punch. No doubt this accounts for the iPads runaway success.

EMF Protection for iPad - Bitly Bundle

The iPad or any other tablet connects to the internet via radiofrequency signals, which has been suggested as posing a health risk during prolonged exposure. There are various technologies that have been developed to address this issue, and below you will see some that prove to be effective.

EMF Protection for Your iPad - Storify

Love your iPad but worried about the wireless radiation it emits? You may or may not be electrosensitive, but the radiofrequency signals such as the ones generated by the iPad and similar tablets have been shown in research to not have beneficial effects long-term. Here are ways to avoid that.

Best EMF Protection Devices - Listly List

This is a list of what we think are the best emf protection devices on the market today. This includes emf protection for the home, personal wear, mobile phones, cars, smart meters, and more.