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Best Motivational Posts

The Best Motivational posts at Ipnostudio to inspire you to positively change your own life


how would your life be if you were different? Probably Better right? And what would You think if I tell You that since Life Can Change In An Instant You can be a lot different tomorrow? Are you interested? Listen to me then.

Napoleon Hill's Key Success Factor to Mastery

Have you ever read Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill? If not you're definitely missing a fundamental step in your road to success, whatever you mean with it. You can find success without reading it but you simply can't miss your goal if you apply the key success factors Napoleon Hill outlines in his book; apply persistently obviously.

How do You Make Your Mind to Bring You Everywhere?

One reader asked me this question probably based on the new tagline of Ipnostudio : "Learn how your mind can bring you everywhere". And as I always do for my readers I'll answer to the question. The short answer is "through committment and focus on the desired result until it is achieved".

How to be the Biggest Loser

The first one is doing nothing to change your life. If now your life isn't how you want it then you must do something to change it. Action is required for changes to happen, dreaming and staying on your sofa thinking about how life has been bad with you creates nothing.


This is, in my opinion, what makes a loser. Someone who tries but doesn't succeed is not because the biggest loss is not trying or doing nothing. Whenever there is a problem the only answer is Action, doing something to change things.

Motivation VS Inspiration: Do You Know What You Need?

You motivate yourself, and inspire others. Or you get inspired by others. If you need Motivation you will find it within yourself and in short you just need to find a good enough reason, for you, to do something. I've explained this in my old post on the Motivation Theory if you want to dig deeper about it.