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What Are the Karate Belts in Order

The specific order of karate belts can vary depending on which tradition one studies. Many traditions see the belts as representations of life's stages. By framing each step as a plant's process of growth, they create visual representations of where students are in their journeys towards mastery.

Ring in Holiday Baking - and Clean-up

The holiday season is a wonderful time to bake up a storm! From fruitcakes to spice breads to favourite Christmas cookies and bars, there's no shortage of delectable sweets and treats to make! One way to make it even more enjoyable is to keep the mess to a minimum while you are baking.

5 Tips for Better Flossing

Flossing is an extremely vital step in maintaining good oral health. Not only is it important to breakout the floss every day, it is equally as important to use the right flossing techniques to achieve plaque removal. If you are struggling with flossing, check out the five flossing tips below to help guide you in the right direction.

Top 5 Collectible Lunch Boxes Worth Money

Posted by Jiffy Self-Storage | Your Questions | Post Comments " Today's lunch boxes are sleek contraptions, often slim in design with the latest heat-preserving technology. The ones many of us used to carry as children often pale in comparison.

What Is Basement Underpinning? | Doctor Rooter

For people living in dense urban centres, there are limited options when it comes to expanding your living space. You can expand horizontally by adding a backroom to the first floor of your home, however you will have to pass through various variance hurdles related to zoning.

Millennials are here to stay: Is your Accounts Receivable process ready?

A couple weeks ago, we attended the Receivable Management Association's annual conference in Toronto. The keynote speaker, Lisa Nelson, President of Equifax Canada challenged the audience to think about big ideas, and how they can innovate to differentiate. She spoke passionately about the coming cohort, the Millennials, a group that now out populates the baby boomers in the US.

Aspire Federal Credit Union : Car Sharing, Auto Refinancing, and Insurance: Ways to Cut Your Car Costs

Original article posted on NerdWallet. Americans spend a bundle on their vehicles each year. To cut costs, some people drive less when gas prices are high and buy used when it's time for a new ride, but there are more ways to save - even when your vehicle is parked.

DIY Tips To Disinfect Your Garbage Disposal

It is hard to imagine your kitchen without the garbage disposal. It is a great built-in tool that takes on heavy work load, pulverising and removing kitchen waste from food products. But when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, many people don't regularly remove all the food particles trapped in the nooks and crannies.

How Guerrilla Advertising Can Transform Your Business | Grassroots Advertising Inc.

The ways in which today's businesses gain more visibility and new customers continues to evolve. Technology has transformed the way customers interact with your products and services, and businesses who leverage the tools available are most likely to succeed in the long run.

Detecting A Serious Back Problem

Why live with pain? Whether you’re suffering from a new injury or a chronic one, the Physiomed health experts can help...