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Cell Phone EMF Protection

Cell phone radiation EMF Protection is a must for every person using a mobile phone. There are numerous studies over the years that have shown possible links between the wireless or microwave/radiofrequency radiation emitted by cell phones and major health issues. The following are the top 3 cell phone radiation protection solutions in the market today. Study each one and decide which one is best for you. You can never go wrong with any of these.

Cell Phone EMF Protection #1: GIA Cell Guard

The GIA Cell Guard™ offers a groundbreaking and effective way to help you deal with the cumulative EMR-induced stress associated with using your personal electronic communication devices. Substantiated by decades of research and testing in leading labs and universities, the GIA Cell Guard will make your calls a lot safer and give you the peace of mind you need.

GIA Cell Guard MRET Technology Tests

Note: MRET is the main technology component of the GIA Cell Guard and Universal Guard. MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) Tests: Live Blood Analysis Live blood microscopy study shows the effects of EMR on the blood formation and how the installation of GIA Cell Guard with proprietary patented MRET-Shield technology on a cellular phone results in blood normalization.

Cell Phone EMF Protection #2: EarthCalm Quantum Cell

Transmutes hazardous EMFs from your phone into a protective field around you. Reusable—easily detachable to use on another phone. Also designed for cordless phones.

EarthCalm Quantum Cell Research Study

Lisa Tully, PhD, December 28, 2011, Energy Medicine Research Institute Introduction EarthCalm products are designed to protect the human nervous system from the hazards of manmade electromagnetic fields, which surround everyone. They do this by enhancing a person's connection to the earth's electromagnetic field, which allows the dissipation of stress producing currents.

Cell Phone EMF Protection #3: Q-Link CLEAR

Programmed with over 100 natural frequencies known to support the biofield, the Q-Link CLEAR is compact and feather-light so it wont get in the way. Just attach it to a device where it will come closest to your body. Then, when you use your mobile phone, or listen to music on an mp3 player, or hold your game player - the Q-Link CLEAR focuses and strengthens the biofield's ability to support your body's natural defenses to EMFs and other stressors.

GIA Air Tube Cell Phone Headset |

Keep AWAY harmful cell phone radiation from your head! The GIA Wellness hands free airtube headset uses AirCom™ Technology to keep potentially harmful radiation AWAY from your head, and a dual-action technology designed to neutralize the effects of harmful radiation, while supporting the body's resilience to stress at the same time.

PONG Cell Phone Radiation Protection Cases/Covers -

Pong technology is covered by US Patents 6341217, 6615026 and others pending. PONG is the only product tested by FCC-certified laboratories to reduce cell phone radiation while maintaining full signal strength. PONG reduces 'hotspot' cell phone radiation by 85%. PONG reduces overall cell phone radiaiion by 60%.

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Research studies show that cell phone radiation can pose significant risks with long term use. While wireless technology is a great boon in our society, we need to be aware of the possible dangers and adopt precautionary measures.

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Cell phone radiation is a growing concern for mobile phone users, and health experts advise using precautionary measures to reduce the effects of cell phone radiation exposure. Below are a few cell...

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Cell Phone Radiation Protection. 59 likes. Cell Phone and Health by provides information and product solutions related to mobile...

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The cell phone is a great technological invention that has indisputably made our lives easier in a lot of ways. However, at this time the cell phone radiation is considered as a toxin, classified as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Cell phone radiation emf protection is crucial for anybody using a mobile phone. The microwave frequencies emitted by the phone have been shown in studies to cause adverse biological effects. The following technologies have been proven to neutralize or reduce the harmful effects of this radiation.