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Updated by Michael Britt on Dec 16, 2013
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Why Spanking Children Does Not Work

The research on spanking children is unequivocal: it not only does not work in the long run, it undermines your relationship with your child and has negative long term consequences.

Spanking Children Promotes Antisocial Behaviour and Slows Mental Development

90% of studies on spanking agree that it's bad for children. A new book which includes research on over 7,000 US families plus data from 32 different countries, has found that spanking is ultimately detrimental to children.

Spanking and Child Development Across the First Decade of Life

aSchool of Social Work and bCollege of Physicians and Surgeons and Teacher's College, Columbia University, New York, New York Abstract OBJECTIVE: To examine the prevalence of maternal and paternal spanking of children at 3 and 5 years of age and the associations between spanking and children's externalizing behavior and receptive vocabulary through age 9.

Why Shouldn't You Spank Your Kids? Here's 9 Reasons

A recent study reveals a connection between spanking in childhood and mental health diagnoses later in life. Whether or not you agree with the findings, I'd like to present you with 9 reasons spanking is never a good idea. 1. Spanking shows that "stronger" is right.

Study Links Spanking and Mental Health Issues

The old saying is if you spare the rod you'll spoil the child. But a new study finds spanking a child may do more long-term harm than good. The study in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics found a high percentage of American parents spank or slap their children.

Spanking Undermines A Child's Long-Term Development

Spanking children may harm their long-term development, making them more aggressive towards their peers, siblings, parents, as well as spouses later in life, researchers from the University of...

Spanking in the USA: A sad state of affairs and why spanking is never ok. - Child Psychology Research Blog

New post: Spanking in the USA: A sad state of affairs and why spanking is never ok.

Adele Faber on Parenting

I took some of my favorite quotes from my interview with Adele Faber and put them on SoundCloud. She's really amazing. Such great advice. A neighbor recently asked me for a recommendation on a parenting book and I had to say to her, "If you only read one book on parenting..."

Episode 135: Adele Faber Interview on Parenting (Part 1)

Are you familiar with Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish's classic book "How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk"? You should be. It's not just for parents.

Episode 136: Adele Faber Interview on Parenting (Part 2)

In part 2 of my interview with Adele Faber, co-author along with Elaine Mazlish of "How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk" we talk about what do do when you've got nothing left emotionally to give to your children, how to handle foul language, how to problem solve with your children, and being authentic with your children about own feelings.