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EarthCalm Pendant Reviews

Reviews and testimonials from people who actually have used the EarthCalm Nova Resonator Pendant. Read what they say below.


"You gave me my life back!! I can go anywhere I want again."

"You gave me my life back!! I can go anywhere I want again. The pendant just changed my life. Before the pendant I used to have to sit in a park for hours every day and could not go anywhere. I couldn’t use the oven, open the refrigerator, have any lights on or watch TV. Now I can go anywhere, watch TV, cook and be in my house. Thank you so much." ~Dorothy, Mississippi

"Your [EarthCalm pendant] is the strongest of any other product I have tried.”

“I just started wearing the Resonator. All I can say is WOW! I have been wearing EMF protection jewelry for many years. Many of them improved various conditions. Your product is the strongest of any other product I have tried.” Lindee A., TX

Video Testimonial - EarthCalm Nova Resonator Pendant

A long-time sufferer of fibromyalgia shares her experience with the EarthCalm pendant. The EarthCalm Nova Resonator is one of the most effective personal emf protection technology available in the market today.

"[The EarthCalm pendant provided] the smoothest, and deepest energy I have felt so far."

“Over the last ten years, I have spent $15,000 on alternative health devices, including the Q-Link, Magnetico magnet beds, Quantum Technologies devices, Stetzer Filters, the Schuman Earth Safe Generator, Earthing/Barefoot grounding products, EMF Blues ceramic dots, Advanced Tachyon Technologies devices, Geomack Geopathic units, Zapping units, Power Pyramids, and crystals. I have received some degree of relief from all of them. I recently received the Resonator Pendant, and I will say, that this is the smoothest, and deepest energy I have felt so far from any of the products. There is a depth that seems to have no end, and that would make sense, since these energies tap into the earth’s energy, which is boundless.” ~Brian Slanger, MD

“Since I have worn the EarthCalm Resonator I have not been sick."

“Since I have worn the Resonator I have not been sick. I work in the printing industry with all the toxic smells and noisy equipment and sit in front of a computer all day with a headset on all day and listen to satellite radio too. I used to be sick all the time with chronic sinus infections and bad headaches ALL THE TIME. No more!“ ~Devida D.

EarthCalm Pendant Testimonial: Release of tension

“Your new Nova Resonator is a prize! Within seconds of putting it on, I felt tingling in my hands and my face flushed as I began to feel a deep internal release of tension. Although I was in a busy environment, a calm, quiet space seemed to extend around me that ended the background zing and buzz I’d thought was normal! My mind was clear, focused, awake, and I felt very present and deeply happy.” ~Patricia B., WA

EarthCalm Nova Resonator Pendant -

"Many clients have shared that they feel an immediate sense of calmness when they begin to wear the pendant. Others say that the ‘inner buzzing’ sensation has stopped." - Claire Riendeau, N.D., Reno. NV

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The EarthCalm Nova Resonator Pendant is gaining wide popularity as an effective personal technology device from the negative impact of living in an electropolluted environment. This is a collection of reviews and testimonials from actual users.

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