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Headline for Naysayers: Great Posts about Dealing with Unsupportive People
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Naysayers: Great Posts about Dealing with Unsupportive People

If everyone likes you, you're doing it wrong.

No Matter What You Do, You Will Piss Some People Off

Much of what passes as sound advice for users in the blog and social media space is predictable, repetitive and contradictory. After five years of blogging, and many more in social media (if you count the predecessors to Facebook, Twitter, et al), I can tell you honestly that it's the same as offline: if you take everyone's advice and act on all of it, you'll run yourself ragged into an ever-tightening knot.

How do you deal with unsupportive family members?

In the ultimate human curiosity, the more and more you start doing well at something, the more and more people will try to cut you down. Sometimes they don't even realize they're doing it. They'll say things like, "Are you really sure that's the right decision? What if something goes wrong?

Adultery Saturdays: Why Death Threats Shouldn't Threaten Your Swagger (And Surprise! We Say "Swagger.") | the middle ...

When you're good at what you do, it attracts attention. People tweet compliments at you, share your shit on Facebook, send brief, (yet straight to the point) marriage proposals from Sweden- -And also slap you across the face with more criticism, insults, and cheap shots than you ever saw coming.

The Smart Ass Guide to Dealing with Dream Zappers

They're out there. You can spot them in every city, every town, every neighborhood. They can take the shape of any human being, but are known to wear a scowl, a bad attitude and dirt-smeared, oversized khaki-colored overalls. They are Dream Zappers, and they're coming to an aspiration near you.

How To Deal with the Unsupportive People in Your Life

So there you are, all jacked up about your newest business idea, venture, or milestone and riding the high that comes with it all when you go to tell someone and are met with an eye roll, a deafening silence, or worst of all that I-actually-think-this-is-a-stupid-idea-but-you-seem-excited-and-I-don't-want-to-stomp-all-over-your-dreams-so-I'll-just-pretend-to-care forced look of excitement.

Goodbye Fake Friends

Dear fake friends from my past: When I walked away from a successful career three years ago, you thought I was crazy. Even crazier when I said I wanted to cultivate my passion, to pursue my dream-writing. It's all right, there's no need to deny it now.

How to Deal with Unsupportive Friends and Family

When I first started to travel long-term, people asked me what I was running away from, wondered why I wanted to be gone so long, and would mostly tell me I was crazy or weird. Suffice it to say, I didn't get a lot of encouragement and support in the beginning.

Why Cynics Like Bob Will Always Be Haters and How You Can Prove Them Wrong

Remember last month when I wrote about Jessica and how she'll never get to Ireland? No? Read about her here and then come back. I'll wait. Ok, now that you're back, I'd like you to meet someone similar to her - let's call him "Bob."

How To Deal With The "Naysayers" In Your Life - Jason O'Toole Online

Have you ever had a friend of family member that no matter what you do they can find fault with it? You know, the one who always discourages you rather than encourages you. So how do you deal with these naysayers in your life? You know that you're going to find people like this all [...]

7 Tips To Handle Naysayers

For the original full-length article by Celestine: 7 Tips To Tackle Naysayers in Your Life "First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win." ~Mahatma Gandhi Are there any naysayers in your life?

How to Handle Naysayers, Poisonous Pals, and Frenemies

5 Ways to Deal With Negativity Effectively

How to deal with naysayers

While the power of positive thinking is a given, we still have to encounter negative attitudes. Communication expert Alexa Fischer explains how to counteract the naysayers.

The Mentality of Naysayers

Naysayers. If you are trying to do anything worth doing, you probably have them. These are the people who just love to tell you that whatever it is you are doing is not doable or not worth doing. These are the people who tell you to just love your life as it is, no matter how you actually want to be living.

How to Handle the Haters and Learn from the Naysayers

Don't feed the trolls. Haters gonna hate. Forget the naysayers. These are all terms used to combat the annoyances and bruised feelings you may experience when mean people set their sights on you. Or, more specifically: when you receive downright VICIOUS feedback on your work (whether from blog or social media feedback or in face-to-face conversations).

The Naysayers, Fear and Risk Continuum

"Fortune sides with him who dares." - Virgil When you're taking a risk, fear comes out to play. We'd be fools to say we weren't at all afraid when we set various plans in motion over the last five years. It's just that we were more afraid of not.