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Best DSLR Tripod

Best DSLR tripod ? Reviews of best tripods to use for photography with DSLR cameras - particularly when taking landscape photos and where you want the best quality photos


Best tripods and camera supports: 15 tested

With many of the latest cameras and lenses boasting excellent image quality at high ISO (sensitivity) settings, along with state of the art image stabilisation, it's easy to think that the photographer's three-legged friend is going the way of the dinosaur. And yet, a good tripod is just as essential as ever.

DSLR Tripods - Top 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy DSLR Tripods - Top 3 Things to Consider Are you ready to upgrade to a professional tripod for your DSLR camera? Keep these critical 3 things in mind when you are looking for your next set of sticks and when you are selecting your tripod head and you'll be in good shape.

Giottos GTMH1311-652 Ball and Socket Head with Friction Control

An absolutely superb quality action ensures the GTMH1311-652 ball head delivers top class performance. The separate friction control enables the user to set the head up for the weight and balance of the camera they are using which will ultimately lead to finer more precise positioning.The ability to quickly attach or remove the camera from the head makes for complete versatility.

Giottos MTL9351B Tripod

MTL Adjustable Column Tripods All the benefits of the Vertical Column tripods with the added benefit of being able to move the column from its vertical position through a 180 degree angle and lock where required. I really like Giottos tripods whether I'm using my DSLR camera for special purposes or for video use.

Giottos SeriesII Ball HeadMH1302

Ball Head Series II ­­­­­­Retaining the rapid camera positioning associated with the Series I ball heads, the Series II range incorporates additional features to ensure that camera positioning can be made with even more precision.

Giottos Vitruvian VGRN9255 Aluminium Tripod with MH5400-652 Ball Head - 5kg Weight Capcity

Giotto's designed the Vitruvian tripods with "reverse technology" legs so that when collapsed they fold through 180 degrees and surround the tripod centre column and head making the kits more compact and easier to carry between locations.

Hama Traveller Compact Pro Tripod

Sharp, shake-free photography!Tripods are used in photography to stabilise the camera in order to maximise sharpness and detail whilst eliminating camera shaking that can otherwise cause blurring. Tripods can be an integral part of any photographer's photography equipment no matter what your level of skill, creating stunning, high-quality, professional looking images providing that the right one is chosen.

Hama Traveller Compact Pro Tripod review

This is my review of the Hama Traveller Compact Pro tripod. This is a mid-range tripod made out high quality materials and can be purchased for 69.99€. More information: Follow me on twitter: For any questions:


I have the Giottos carbon fibre tripod and the ball and socket head myself and the quality is fantastic. I also have ...

Manfrotto 055XPRO3 Tripod

Pros: Good Stability; Lightweight; Flexble-macro Configurati; Unfolds Quickly I just received this item. It is sturdy, lightweight, flexible and well constructed. I have not had a chance to take it on the road, but it is already an improvement over my old aluminum tripods.

The White Line Crew: Tripod Review (Velbon ULTRA REXi L)

This is a review of the tripods (Velbon ULTRA REXi L) which we used whilst shooting 'Deeper than Snow'. This video is shot on location in Anzere, Switzerland and the camera shooting the review was stabilised by yet another Velbon ULTRA REXi L tripod.

Velbon Ultra Rexi L Travel Tripod

Pushing the boundaries of technology, the REXi L delivers a professional-quality tripod that is ultra compact when folded but provides a full-size extended height and professional load bearing capacity whilst remaining ultra lightweight through its magnesium alloy collar construction.The REXi L incorporates Velbon's Patented Trunnion legs (5 sections) to create a tripod just 36cm long when folded, extending by 4.25 times its size, to an extended height of 153cm.

Velbon Ultra REXi L with QHD-53D Head

This Velbon Ultra REXi L Tripod with QHD-53D Head is an super light tripod that is compact when folded, but then extends to full-size and also allows a professional load capacity. The REXi L incorporates Velbon's Patented Trunnion Legs (5 sections) to create a tripod just 36cm.