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Updated by Andrea Zimmerman on Dec 10, 2013
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Best Marble Run For Toddlers

What would make the best marble run for toddlers? Here are a few that I have found along with what people have to say about them.

matthews marble run

matthew building his marble run

Kidoozie Super Spiral Play Tower

I was so happy to see this toy on Amazon. I have a child with developmental disabilities and this is something I've seen in her therapy catalogs. It is always priced much higher in them. So, I was thrilled to see it here, with of course a good price and fast shipping (lower than all the therapy stores too!). This toy is great for any child--typically developing or not. Even my older child gets a kick out of. It's lots of fun & kid-powered.


This was purchased for my nephew's 2nd birthday and given to him about a month in advance. It fascinated him enough that he held fairly still for his sunscreen application. I think it is a great gift especially for children that are fascinated by mechanical items. The "marbles" do make different noises, and it is not a quiet toy, but at least if you can hear them going you know the child is not getting into trouble. Be prepared for a young child to have a favorite "marble". Also, in case you are wondering the four runs can be changed to go in different orders as long as you remember to connect the low side of the one on top to the top side of the one below.

Haba Ball Track Roll 'n Roll 'n Roll

We've had this for 2 years and have NEVER had a ball not make it down the track. Not once. Ours is made very well and we have no complaints about it. It was a great purchase. Our son still plays with it all the time! As he gets older he finds new ways to play with it, like putting 2 or 3 balls on it and holding them back from starting until he gets the # of them all set to go.

Edushape Rollipop Advanced Ball Drop Set

This product is not a marble run like the many others you see on This product serves the purposes of developing logical thinking, coordination, and lateral gaze development and stabilization.

Best Marble Run For Toddlers

The best marble run for toddlers are the simple ones. Another great learning tool that keeps kids entertained while they learn.

Best Marble Run For Toddlers

Looking for the best marble run for toddlers? Have a look at a few marble runs that I have found online.

Best Marble Run For Toddlers Of Any Age

You can find the best marble run for toddlers of any age. See what people are saying about these models and what their kids think of them as well.

What Are The Best Marble Run For Toddlers

Looking for the best marble run for toddlers? See what other parents are saying about these different modeled marble runs. They are really a toy that lasts and kids keep coming back to..