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Updated by Maggie Powell on Dec 11, 2013
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Great Games

I love to play games with friends and family... we have some favorites!

Great Games for Two People

There are some great games for 2 people, which is wonderful, because I love games. I really do. and sometimes (thankfully) I'm not surrounded by a crowd. But. there are so many great games to play when it's just two. me and you. We can talk and p...

Carcassonne Game and Expansion Sets

Carcassonne, named after the city of Carcassone in France, is a favorite family game in our house. The idea is simple. you play cards that have pictures with landscape, city walls or a road on them. and collaboratively, you build up a map of a medieval lan...




Our family found a fun new balancing game. Suspend by the Melissa and Doug company. This game is great for the whole family, from my 10 year old daughter to my mother (who would kill me dead if I revealed her age). Suspend is a straightforward game of bala...




a great game of world domination!

Ticket to Ride

Looking for a great Game? Last Christmas our family received the game Ticket to Ride. and we LOVE IT! It did not take long for us to learn how to play the award- winning Ticket to Ride. the nine year old and the teens were all able to pick it up fairly quickly.

Farkle- Our Favorite Portable Dice Game

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they play Farkle. See, Farkle is a game of chance. and everyone approaches it differently. It's simple, you roll six dice, and every time you come up with a one or a five, you set those dice aside for points... there is strategy, chance.... and it fits in a purse, so it's portable.




Classic game of making money

Favorite Games for the Whole Family

Great assortment of games for the whole family... strategy, chance games and games that are fun!


apples to apples

apples to apples

This fun game is open to interpretation... and can get loud. My teens love it as much as the little ones.

Peteca also known as Indiaca

Indiaca or Peteca is a great game if you are looking for outdoor family fun for the whole family? This hybrid of Volleyball and Badminton is played with a giant shuttlecock (sort of a ball with feathers on it form improved flight) goes by many names.

Resolve All Disputes with Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Dice

Ever get into an arguement with no resolution? Ever have a dispute that needs to be hashed out? Ever want to know who gets to go first? The highly transportable, and easily portable set of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock dice can be whipped out at a momenents notice.

Rummikub, A Great Family Game

Our family is Rummikub crazy! My mother introduced us to the game, and now we all play. (We get the youngest going as early as 7. ) And no one is allowed to know how old the oldest players are.
It's sort of based on the concept of Gin Rummy, but there are twists and turns... and tiles instead of cards.

Great Games for Younger Children

We are game players in our family, and in order to get the little kids up to speed on taking turns, following rules and playing games, we start them off with these Board Games for Younger Kids. Some of the games work on memory, some match shapes, others ar...