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Jordan Travel Experiences

Travel to Jordan: Petra, Aqaba, Amman, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea, Jerash, etc.


PETRA I 'm scared to get gas. I don't know how to do it here. I'm ok with driving solo over a mountain in a powerless vehicle but the prospect of looking stupid in front of a stranger that I'll never see again intimidates me.

Aqaba, Al-Aqabah, Aquaba or Akaba? | www.Go2Jordan.INFO | Your Ultimate Guide to Aqaba & Jordan

Visiting Aqaba and Jordan? Here you find all the practical information that are missing from the 'official' websites about Aqaba, Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea and more!

By the Bedouin Bonfire

A night in Wadi Rum and walking through Petra How can I bring this peacefulness with me back home? How can I keep holding on to this feeling of being so present and appreciating what's right in front of me before it's a memory I realize I miss?

Waiting for Aqaba

When I finally crawl into bed, the haunting tones of the early morning muezzin's call soothe me to sleep like a lullaby. The journey to Aqaba had been long, made even longer by a laissez-faire local attitude to time keeping and I was knackered. But three hours later I'm up again under strict instructions from ...

Memories from Wadi Rum

I had heard the desert held a certain magic, but it wasn't until I went there myself that I understood what people meant by that. Wadi Rum is a place that echoes with laughter by day and where you hear the void of the desert by night.

An Unexpected Adventure - Slumber Party in a 2,000 Year Old Cave

I recently returned from a 12-month RTW trip that took me to 23 countries. During that time, new cultures, unique experiences, and saying 'yes' were at the top of my mental check list. One of the things I learned was how powerful a local is when experiencing a new culture.

The Red City

We set off bright and early to Petra, a good almost 4 hours drive away from Amman. "Petra" means "Rock Rose Red City" in Greek, and the city truly does live up to its name. The Nabataeans - industrious Arab people who settled in Petra more than 2000 years ago - carved the rock façade...

Story of a tour to Wadi Rum

Histoire d'un s�jour � Wadi-rum

Winter and Rock Climbing Conditions: November 2013, Wadi Rum, Jordan - Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Wadi Rum, Jordan in November. Some excellent world class adventures on good quality sandstone mountains. We climbed many classics, Pillar of Wisdom, The Beauty and Supercrack of Rum to name a few. Met up with some old friends, thanks Omer for some quality descent knowledge.