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Best Sensory Resources

Sites for sensory design, fidgets, products for sensory rooms, sensory integration, SPD, sensory processing disorder, autism and related sites that have pages and sections on sensory. As part of Living Labs rebranding and growth, and the enormous amount of response that our sensory posts, photos and shares have generated- we are opening an entire spectrum of resources focused solely on sensory. In healthcare this will be for the spectrum of health services and diagnosis communities that have shown positive outcomes with sensory integration including: the ASD and SPD communities; Alzheimer's, Dementia, and memory; pain management for children and adults; and more. This list will be the basis of a number of expanded resources, media and opportunities for patients, providers and creators including:

  • Parents and caregivers of any one or multiples of appropriate diagnosis.
  • Healthcare providers with evidence results in sensory including Occupational Therapists, Pediatricians, Palliative physicians and nurses, homecare health providers, physiatrists, pain management specialists and more.
  • The entire design community for sensory integration including sensory rooms, sensory spaces and special sensory facilities including: interior designers, lighting designers, sensory room and sensory gym designers and installers, Landscape Architects for sensory and healing gardens, mobile and permanent exhibit curators and designers of sensory and art for healing to name a few.
  • We also welcome management and providers at on-site dedicated health centers, group homes, living labs, Assisted Living, Hospitals, Children's Care Facilities and education from nursery to post graduate.
  • Those in industrial design, UX and experience design who have worked, or are looking to increase their practice such as: fidgets, multi-sensory environments, sensory integration in home or retail, swings and indoor and outdoor gyms, mats, LED lighting solutions; installers of sensory rooms, lighting and technology; multi-sensory bedding, those who have incorporated from the "tiny homes" movement and other creative use of sensory spaces, apps that work with items and environments of sensory integration, and of course individual creators of bespoke candles to weighted blankets to multi sensory walls and more.
  • We look forward to the input of leaders and decision makers in public spaces, Parks, landscape, communities and policy makers and implementers into sensory integration and accessibility into making more livable communities.
  • And of course all organizations, manufacturers, makers and retail sales organizations who specialize in sensory solutions!

We already have started YouTube and G+ channels, two very successful Pinterest boards, several lists and will be launching Please add your information to all of these places so you can join our community- connecting users, creators and providers for easier lives of dignity, independence and beauty!

Polk County DAC Sensory Room

What is a multi-sensory environment? A multi-sensory environment is a dedicated room/space designed to block out noise control space, temperature and lighting. It is an artificially created venue that utilizes multi-sensory equipment to stimulate the senses and promote pleasure and/or feelings of well-being.

Multi-sensory room offers therapeutic refuge for some young patients

During their hospital stays, many patients are confronted with much that is unknown, unfamiliar and uncomfortable. When the patient is a child, especially one living with a chronic disease, the tests, surgeries, treatments and down time can weigh heavily, resulting in stress, anxiety and frustration -- not a good prescription for getting better.

Sensory Connection Program PDF

An extensive PDF from 2008 of the "sensory connection program": that outlines how to set up sensory rooms in hospitals and schools and elsewhere. Great checklists with how to along the way good for anyone.

Clients working with MSE | AAMSE Online

American Association of Multi-Sensory Environments- includes information about sensory, training, papers on multi-sensory environments. Mostly done by the founder of the assocation

Sensory Processing Disorder Study Wows Many

An unusually large public response is building to the first evidence of a biological basis for Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Some say SPD impacts up to 13% of kids. Others say it doesn't exist as a distinct disorder. But tens of thousands are clicking on stories about the evidence, reposting them, and commenting.

How to build a sensory garden at your school

Browsing through the hundreds of ideas submitted to The School We'd Like competition, a sensory or wildlife garden jumped out as a project which many teachers were calling out for, especially at special schools. But what are the secrets to creating the perfect sensory garden?

Cradle Chair: Escape the Chaos

At this moment we have access to more instant information than at any other point in human history. Sensory overload is a common occurrence in modern life. We are inundated with an endless stream of ads, e-mails, tweets, and texts. Current technology offers us incredible opportunity for innovation at the expense of learning to cope with the information overload epidemic.

Sensory World and Sensory Rooms Interactive Website by FitzRoy

Sensory World is a brand new website; a virtual, interactive house filled with activities designed to stimulate learning and promote choice for people with learning disabilities.

Sensory - Community - Google+

Sensory design for all. This community is open to architects, photographers, designers, parents, educators, OTs, PTs, special education, physicians, mental health providers, aging specialists, manufacturers, design students and all interested in what may be one of the most significant melding of form and function in today's built environment.

Rethink Your Walls

Great design is about thinking outside the box. But sometimes, because of money, plan requirements, design specifications, or just plain space in the area to design.. it seems there is no-where to add sensory, interactive, evidence-based, or other great elements into your home, hospital, school, retail space, hotel (and on and on...)

How to Make a Weighted Blanket for Sensory Integration

Weighted blankets are often used as a therapeutic tool to help calm children who suffer from a sensory processing disorder. Sensory processing disorders generally accompany conditions that appear on the autism spectrum. The sensory disorders cause children to seek sensory stimulation or to "stim," which is characterized by such actions as...

Able Play: Product Reviews by a non-profit for children to play with all abilities

Toy rating system for children of all abilities from the National Lekotek Center. Intiutive easy to use #UX and #UI Uses colors, categories and pictograms to help navigate site.
The National Lekotek Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting play for children of all abilities. Lekotek believes play is the way kids learn, develop skills and reach milestones. The Lekotek mission is to make the world of play accessible to all children, especially those who have special needs.

Toys and play empower children to reach their potential and increase inclusion within their families and communities. Lekotek has a network of 17 affiliates across the United States dedicated to working with children by utilizing toys and play to grow, learn and thrive.

Lekotek has combined experience working with kids and families, child development expertise and knowledge of toys and play products to develop AblePlay—a national outreach to provide information and evaluations on the developmental potential of toys and play.

AblePlayTM is a toy rating system and website that provides comprehensive information on toys and play products for children of all abilities. AblePlay was created so parents, friends, family members, educators, therapists and others can make the best decisions when purchasing products for children in their lives, especially children with special needs.

Top 20 Sensory Fidgets for School

While some parents have on their lists the number of composition notebooks needed to go back to school, at least 25% of parents need to add "fidget toys" also called "manipulatives", "sensory devices" or more depending on the Individual Education Plan (IEP), personal preference, or sometimes name that the items are sold as.

Living MadeEasy for Children- DLF- Therapy Rocker

European company. Help and advice Some of the equipment listed in this section also offers sensory input. For example, vibrations, sound, music and rocking. These may be used as part of a multi-sensory environment or used as stand-alone items, offering sensory stimulation.

Sensory design tools that help us understand user needs

SENSOLAB RCP is a sensory engineering agency that aims to understand user needs in order to design products, spaces, and services to better suit the rational or subjective needs of citizens. For cities, SENSOLAB's tools help tackle big, sometimes amorphous issues like their resident's quality of life.

Sensory Rooms | Full Range of Sensory Rooms | Experia USA

Learn about the wide range of sensory rooms, multisensory rooms and sensory room equipment available from Experia USA, the leading sensory room designers.

Store- Demand Design

Demand Design amazon store with many sensory and fidget items available at low cost.

Sensory Integration - AOTA

Full section by the Occupational Therapy Association of sensory integration- includes tip and fact sheets, evidence based research, ongoing education, publications and more.

Kennedy Krieger Institute Article on Sensory Integration

For many children with Down syndrome and autistic spectrum disorder (DS-ASD), sensory integration (SI) is one intervention to consider. Many times, the way a child with DS-ASD behaves or reacts is because he processes sensory information from the situation differently than other children.

Sensory Smart Parent

Raising a Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child with Sensory Issues is a valuable source of information on raising a sensory child

Sensory Room Assessment

tlc4schools - sensory room assessment and design, training, resources, equipment, products, insallation, fibre optics, bubble tubes

Sensory Design Installations

The winner of 2010's MOMA's PS1 Young Architect program, To provide inspiration for the BARGE 2011 Competition, here are some fantastic examples of sensory design and some of the more recent installations. As the name suggests, sensory design installations are meant to engage all of the senses.

Autism Speaks Research

Autism Speaks: A new study backs parent reports that sensory integration therapy improves daily function in children with autism. The research, led by occupational therapists at Philadelphia’s Jefferson Schoo

Sensory at Home " Adam and Friends Store

Early Intervention and Autism, Early Learning Skills, Light Effects, Multi-Sensory Rooms, Rewards and Reinforcers, Sensory and Tactile, Sensory at Home, Visual Impairment,

Japan's Spectacular Tunnel of Lights

If you happen to be in Japan from now to March 31, 2013, make sure to check out one of Japan's most stunning displays of light called Winter Illuminations at Nabana no Sato, a botanical garden turned light theme park on the island of Nagashima in Kuwana.