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Updated by Christine DeGraff on Oct 10, 2017
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Interesting People on Google+

This is a project to introduce you to 31 interesting people on Google Plus during the month of December. Each of my 31 picks will be someone who:
1) is active on G+ on a regular basis (complete profile is a given);
2) shares both their own and other people's content (and gives credit);
3) engages on their posts and on the posts of others;
4) has less than 2,500 people circling them (I just picked arbitrarily);
5) is fairly focused yet has a "healthy mix" of content in their stream;


Robert Ryan - About - Google+

Robert Ryan - WordPress, SMM & SEO with a dollop of Hangout on the side! - I'm the online element! - - The Online Element - Dublin, Ireland - Get more from your online efforts.

Tina Willis - About - Google+

Tina Willis - Personal Injury Attorney Exceptionally Focused On Maximizing Value of My Cleints' Settlements & Verdicts - Personal Injury Attorney - Winter Garden, Florida - I am a personal injury attorney based in Orlando, Florida, but I accept injury and accident cases all over Florida and Georgia, including Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Valdosta, Macon, Atlanta and many

Jeff Sieh - About - Google+

Love helping businesses succeed online. Always learning and sharing. Love helping small businesses succeed online. In another life, I was a banjo playing professional magician. True Story.

Stan Bush - About - Google+

Stan Bush - Everything I know I learned by doing. - I help people rise above difficult technology issues and live up to their expectations and promise. - StanBush.NET - Centerville, GA - I've been gainfully unemployed since 1984. I officially entered the IT business in the early 90's.

Carolyn Capern - About - Google+

Carolyn Capern - Bookworm. Content Writer. Social Media Strategist. - Social Media Marketing & Web Design - Biographically: I'm a Star-Spangled Canadian, Florida resident, and New Englander at heart.Professionally: I'm a partner at CT Social. I handle social media strategy and long-term management for our

Pepper Oldziey - About - Google+

Pepper Oldziey - Graphic Designer | Web Designer | Web Strategist | Google+ | ePublications - Currently working with Divers Alert Network on Web Presence Strategy - Peppergraphics Design Studio - Chapel Hill, North Carolina - It's all about love, love of the human family.

Jason Frasca - About - Google+

Jason Frasca - Optimizer. I Solve Business Inefficiencies. - Clinton, NJ - Digitizing Businesses - Optimizer. I love solving technical, operational and business inefficiencies using my unique ability to deconstruct complex problems, and leveraging technology to optimize business

Rachael Alford - About - Google+

Rachael Alford - Strengthening YOUR Capacity + Propelling YOUR Vision = OUR success - Principal, Rachael Alford Consulting Services - Rachael Alford Consulting - Philadelphia, PA - Rachael Alford, is a success coach, fundraising consultant and meeting and event planner. Most days, Rachael can be found helping others with their crowdfunding campaigns.

Joann Woolley - About - Google+

Joann Woolley - Mom of 3 and lucky wife who gets to persue my dream of making a difference for families through early communication using baby sign language - teach parents how to sign with their babies - Sign4Baby - San Diego CA - Mom of 3 munchkins.

Randy Milanovic - About - Google+

Randy Milanovic - Author and Online Marketer - 2-time Author and Online Marketing Certified Professional, serving local, regional and international clients.

Bethan Davies - About - Google+

Bethan Davies - An entrepreneur who loves to learn - Entrepreneur! FOUNDER The CraftStar: A Unique Boutique for Online Shopping and FOUNDER the braZing: Flirt Freely! - The CraftStar - Los Angeles - After 25 years in the entertainment business, I've taken my passion and ideas in a new direction.

Nikki Basi - About - Google+

Nikki Basi - heartinthewriteplace with a mouth(full) of hope and handfuls of glitter! - I'm a Mommy & Wife first and a Writer just as much. - Los Angeles, CA - Hey All! I am so excited to be welcomed into such an awesome community!

Jeff Palmer - About - Google+

Jeff Palmer - The Authority Builder - Authority Builder - The Authority Builder - Noosa, Australia - Hi, I'm Jeff Palmer. I have worked along side many of the top online marketing innovators today both in Australia and the USA.

Mark Seydel - Sobre - Google+

Mark Seydel - Mark Seydel - Blogger. EastOfInsanity.Com - EastOfInsanity.Com - Warrington, PA 18976 - Self proclaimed Blogtrovert and Mental Health Advocate. I blog about life and anything that happens to hit me upside the head (which is, usually, life). Mental Health issues are a serious and growing

Wendy Hernandez - About - Google+

Wendy Hernandez - A Phoenix, Arizona divorce lawyer and the owner of Hernandez Family Law. I am a centered, committed and sometimes dramatic (in the best sense of the word) woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and lawyer.

Chris Sutton - Sobre - Google+

Chris Sutton - Web design and ecommerce since 1997 - Co-founder and Director of SiteSuite Australasia, an Australian pioneer in web design and ecommerce since 1997 - - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - SiteSuite Australasia - Web professional, keen photographer, passionate about music,

Nicholas Cardot - About - Google+

Nicholas Cardot - I'm a Diabolical Genius Villain™ (with minions & lair). Also I love chocolate chip cookie dough. Character is judged by your reverence for The Princess Bride. - Online Marketer & U.S. Army Reservist - Self Employed

Eric Deeter - About - Google+

Eric Deeter - Entrepreneur, author and blogger. Serial home rehabber and general fix-it guy. - Business owner, writer, blogger as the Accidental Entrepreneur - MorningStar Home Specialists - Kansas City, KS - My wife and I live in the Kansas City metro. We've been in business together since 1995.

Lynn Abate-Johnson - About - Google+

Lynn Abate-Johnson - "There's enough for everyone. Get YOUR slice!" Put People first. Food, Travel, Wine, NZ, Snowboarding. Treat your customers with respect; no haters allowed in my stream. - Community Building - I'm at home just about anywhere. I weave a pretty consistent thread of positivity through everything I do.

Mick Sharpe - Sobre - Google+

Mick Sharpe - Get the web working for you - Web site developer, database specialist - - North East UK - to your customers' needs

Tracie "I AM VanB" VanBuren - About - Google+

Tracie "I AM VanB" VanBuren - Show Em Who YOU Really Are! - Confidence Coach, Personal Brand Consultant, & Online Radio Host - I AM la Brand - Hey there!

Debi Davis - About - Google+

Debi Davis - It's all about communication. - Business Communication Strategist - 3D Communications - Denver, CO - Often confused for a workaholic, I simply enjoy what I do for a living. I've never had a job that I didn't like, and if given the choice, I prefer work over play.

David F "SmallBizDavid" Leopold - About - Google+

David F "SmallBizDavid" Leopold - SmallBizDavid - Ask my 90-year oldMom; I'm interested in her answer! She was my last "business partner; I bought her out for $10,000 39 years ago---because that's what her Father (my grandfather) told me I was to do...

Terry Leigh Britton - About - Google+

I run , specializing in effective, relationship-building and education-based small business marketing approaches. I publish training materials and provide one-on-one assistance to help you grow. I will also help you implement measurable direct-response marketing techniques.

Wayne Meador - About - Google+

Wayne Meador - I'm Changing The World, Care To Join?! I'm a visionary, an entrepreneur, and I love brussel sprouts.