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TV turns social

Super Bowl sets Twitter records

February 3, 2014 -- Updated 1824 GMT (0224 HKT) | Filed under: Social Media (CNN) -- The afeared nasty weather didn't show up for the Super Bowl on Sunday. Neither did the Denver Broncos. But Madison Avenue, with its hundreds of millions of dollars worth of commercials, was there.

More TV Viewers Posting to Social Media, Watching Programs Based on Buzz

There's a growing body of research analyzing social's influence on TV viewing behavior, with the general consensus being that social's impact is small, but growing. A new

Google, Facebook bring new interactive features to 'American Idol'

The producers of Fox's "American Idol" are looking to give the long-running televised singing competition a fresh hook and attract viewers with new interactive features offered through partnerships with Google and Facebook. In a first for Google, people who use its search engine to learn more about the show, its contestants or judges will be able to cast votes directly from within Google's search results.

Les programmes télé ont généré 90 millions de tweets en 2013

Les programmes télé ont généré 90 millions de tweets en 2013 (AFP) - Il y a 19 heures Paris - Quelque 90 millions de tweets en rapport avec un programme de télévision ont été publiés en France en 2013, soit trois fois plus qu'en 2012, avec une prédilection pour les émissions de divertissement, le sport et la politique, a indiqué jeudi l'institut Médiamétrie.

Watching With Friends: SecondSync Analyzes TV-Related Interactions On Facebook

The partnership between Facebook and social TV analytics specialist SecondSync, announced in late January, bore its first fruit in the form of white paper Watching with Friends, which generated its findings from an analysis of several television shows from September 2013 through January 2014 in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

SXSW PanelPicker

The rise of online video is disrupting nearly every facet of the TV industry, from programming to distribution to audience. As this shift becomes more prominent and media platforms battle for viewers, the industry is faced with new challenges: What is the target audience? What type of programming is most appealing to consumers?

Multi-Screening in the US: The How and Why

Looking at how digital devices overlap with TV, the report indicates that for US respondents: 45% of daily smartphone time is spent simultaneously with TV; 37% of daily laptop time is spent with TV; and 55% of daily tablet time is spent simultaneously with TV.

Le Connect de RTL maintenant disponible sur Twitter

En plus de pouvoir accéder à Connect via l'application RTL TVI ou le site, il sera désormais possible de recevoir dans sa timeline Twitter les contenus complémentaires ou les interactions. Pour cela, il suffit de s'abonner aux comptes @RTLTVIConnect, @CLUBRTLConnect et @PLUGRTLConnect.

Chart/table from: Top TV Multitasking Activities, by Generation

Search results play a significant role in influencing mobile shoppers' purchase decisions, detail Local Corporation and the e-tailing group in a recent study. The online survey found half of the smartphone owners surveyed claiming that search result listings influence their purchase decisions, with ratings and reviews (42%) also a strong factor.

Twitter cherche son salut dans la "social TV" - L'Express avec L'Expansion

Twitter cherche son salut dans la "social TV" - L'Express avec L'Expansion. Twitter, mal en point en Bourse, doit convaincre les investisseurs de la validité de son modèle économique. Pour accroître le nombre de ses utilisateurs et son chiffre d'affaires, il compte beaucoup sur la télévision.

Etat des lieux de la Social TV et présentation du Market Insight

La Social TV répresente aujourd'hui : 43 millions d'interactions sur la TV publiées par plus de 5 millions de profils uniques en France pendant le premier trimestre 2014. Ces données sont issues des analyses de Seevibes. Mais mesurer l'engagement ne se limite pas à estimer un volume de participants et de messages postés.

From Second Screen to Multi-Screen: We Are Social's Guide to Social Screens
This presentation explores the core principles of Social TV and Second Screening, outlining the key opportunities for brands and content producers along with r...
1 in 6 TV Viewers Said to Share Content About Shows Online

Some 16% of TV viewers on average share content about the shows they're watching online, with these viewers driving an impressive 11% of all online sharing, according to a report [download page] from ShareThis. The study finds that this sharing also leads to TV tune-in, as users who click on...

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