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Best Student Blogs 2013 - Edublog Awards



Reblogged from Blackwatertown: It's true. Early morning calls from TV - "Can we come round and film you?" Radio stations. Promotional CDs. Music video. Posters. The lot. My song was even played at half time Wycombe Wanderers v Cheltenham FC. And that's the epitome of pop stardom. OK, OK - I admit it.

Avogadro Salad

Skunks are adorable! Their little noses, cute eyes, distinctive white stripe, soft fur... They'd make such adorable pets! ...If only they didn't stink. Today I went to Trader Joe's with my sister. Driving home eating (bizarre, organic, and very tasty) raspberry chocolates, the familiar, acrid stench of skunk spray rudely interrupted my experience.

Minecraft_jono plays Minecraft

Inanimate Alice-Episode 4 is very different from all the other episodes. To Start, instead of the problem being parent related, it is Alice who finds herself in trouble. It was an interesting change! This episode was really great apart from the interactive parts. One of the interactive parts finds you exploring London, Alice's hometown.

Eilís' TY Blog

"Get busy living, or get busy dying." Stephen King Hey Everyone! I have been very busy this past week with student council, open day, talks, etc. Today we went to ITT for Last week I went to two talks in Naas General Hospital, one on Physiotherapy and the other on Cardiac Diagnostics along with a few other people.

Planet Zoe

In episode 4 of Inanimate Alice, she is 14 years old and living in her hometown, London. One day, her friends dare her to climb to the top of an old abandoned building, saying that the view is amazing. When she does, however, the stairs break leaving her dangling.

Zac's Lego Blog

"We need to leave. Right NOW! That house is cursed." Nathanael shouted. "Why? I thought you wanted to play knock and run." Natasha replied. You could see the tears in her eyes as Natasha loves to play knock and run. Natasha is only 11, she has extremely long brown hair.

Happy Apples

After running three blocks the partners dived into a bush , gasping for breath. "Why are you so scared of him?" Asked Liz, puzzled and frightened by how he acted. Just as Caleb started to reply the man bounded through the bushes. "Aha, I've found you!" He triumphed.

Bella's World

Black. All I could see was black. I felt my eyelids flutter and my tongue moisten my lips. "Oh good, you're awake." A voice, portraying it's owners old age, breaks through my hazy mind. I sit up, but colourful spots appear in front of my eyes and my head starts to throb.


"Who are you?" They were staring into the eyes of the Musomic, with luscious shaggy chestnut hair, a raggedy orange shirt and ripped denim jeans. The Musomic led them to his underground lair! Climbing up stairs, they found themselves in a house, a haunted house.

Miriam's Magical Moments

This piece has a lot of emotion to it and also a lot of challenging parts to it. When playing a duet, both players have to listen to each other in order to play the piece well. Sarah and I always have trouble with that as we both want to be in charge, however for this piece, the piano set the beat.

Planet E

Hi I'm Emma from North Star Public School, North Star is a very little school with only 32 children, but it is great. I live on a farm 30 minutes away from NS. I am 12. I am in year 6 and the School Captain.

Heather's Perfect Posts

autobiography is a book that explains the life of a person, biography is similar to an autobiography, but someone else wrote the book. When someone wrote about Steve Jobs that wasn't Steve Jobs, you would call that a biography.AND the story of the book is the author of the book.


School. News. Discussion.

English at Sandvika

thinkb4u is a very informative website that definitely learned me a thing or two. On the website you learn about the dangers on the web, by following a family through videos. After each video, you are given a question, and the next video reflects your answer.

Em's Canvas

These are my girl dolls. One is French, two of them are sisters (the yellow skin ones), and the one who has a lady bug dress is named Lizzy. The French one can also speak English. It's true. And the lady bug one can talk English and Spanish, it's true, really true.

Breana P ePortfolio

I did two different great post for blogging challenge. Here is the first great post. Why Stereotype? Have you ever been the victim of stereotyping, or have you witnessed someone else stereotyping others? Towards the end of my fifth grade year at Riverside Intermediate School.

dibaIntEnglish -

During the 1930s in America as we know from history books was a time when African Americans weren't acknowledged for their identity. Instead they were called Negroes, a repressive word by the Anglo-Saxons as a reminder that their colour was the opposite of the Anglo-Saxons, their ways didn't match the Anglo-Saxon way etc.


Today we saw the movie "The Great Debaters". One of the themes in the movie were "Jon Crow Laws". These laws were laws that was enacted between 1876 and 1965. these laws were state and local laws that separated the white and colored population in the old confederate states.

Alex's blog

OH my gosh! I love Christmas, its one of the best times of the year! CANT WAIT I love Christmas because I get to spend time with my family or as I like to call it my "FamJam" and I also get to give and receive.

Gillian R. ePortfolio

Click Here for what I have got so far. Click Here for the website I got the 3 amazing kids from. What Nicholas did was amazing. He helped so many kids, and is still helping. I think to myself when I read these kinds of articles and say 'I wish I was him' because he did such a wonderful thing.

Dance to this Blog

Jai Waetford is my favourite singer. He is 14 years old and competed in the X factor 2013.... His result coming 3rd!All the judges thought he was awesome, had great vocals and the HAD THE X FACTOR! Jai waetfords mentor was Ronan (In the under boys!).

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