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Updated by Andrea Zimmerman on Dec 19, 2013
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Wooden Activity Cubes for Toddlers

Wooden activity cubes for toddlers offer endless play and learning for kids of all ages. We had gotten one for our oldest when he was two and he still enjoys it now that he is five. Probably even more because now he has to show his baby brother how everything works on it.
You can read other peoples reviews and experiences here to help you choose the right activity cube for your toddlers.

Maxim EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

We purchased this activity cube for our 9 month old son this Christmas. He immediately started playing with it and exploring all the movable parts. It is extremely sturdy and well made, and we love that it's wood instead of plastic. This also gives it some weight so that he can pull up on it without it sliding too much.

Alex Jr. My Busy Town -Baby Wooden Developmental Toy

I ordered this toy for my son who was 7 months old at the time. My daughter is almost 2 and she loves it also! It's been a month and they still love to play with it.

My one complaint is that I didn't realize this toy is on a lazy suzan type thing so it spins. My son would crawl over to it to pull himself up and it would spin so he'd fall and sometimes hit his head. I had my husband remove the spinning feature and it has made an amazing difference. It sits on our rug pretty sturdy and he can pull himself up on it now.

It's very colorful and has a bunch of stuff to do that keeps my infant busy, and things that will keep my toddler busy as she gets older.

Anatex Six-Sided Play Cube

For one I LOVE it's made in the good old US of A. Also it's a wooden learning toy that will last well beyond my kids having kids. I have an almost 3 year old and 1 year old twins and ALL three can play and learn at the same time without trampling on each other's space.

B. Zany Zoo

We bought this for my daughter when she was about nine months old. In the beginning, she was mainly interested in spinning the animal alphabet tiles, but as she grows she keeps discovering more and more things to play with. Right now, she really likes the animal pegs on one of the sides that's not pictured--hard to describe, but they're kind of like Plinko. She also loves opening and closing the doors on another side, and she's just starting to spend time playing with the bead maze and the animals on top. I can see this toy holding her interest for several months.

I like that this toy is made of wood and is very sturdy. She hasn't had any difficulty pulling herself up on it (though she is a bit of string bean, so this may change as she gets bigger), and the rounded corners are safer than sharp edges.

Wooden Activity Cubes for Toddlers

Wooden activity cubes for toddlers can provide a variety of learning skills that their growing minds need. With bright colors and moving parts these activity cubes will capture their attention. And the best part for us parents is there are no batteries needed.

Wooden Activity Cubes for Toddlers

Wooden activity cubes for toddlers brings them hours and years of learning and entertainment. With bright colors, pictures and moving parts they are really an all in one learning toy!

The Wide Variety Of Wooden Activity Cubes for Toddlers

Even with a wide variety of these wooden activity cubes for toddlers one thing is for certain they offer an endless amount of play and learning. They are bright and colorful! They have plenty of moving parts and pictures to learn off of.

Wooden Activity Cubes for Toddlers Make Such A Great Learning Tool

Wooden activity cubes for toddlers really do make great leaning tools. Each side and top provides something different for them to explore. With plenty of colors, moving parts, and pictures an activity cube will keep your toddler busy for many hours and years.

Wooden Activity Cubes for Toddlers

Wooden activity cubes for toddlers are a great way to keep your toddler learning and playing.