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Snapchat case studies

Case study list of how companies can use Snapchat as a marketing tool

How 4 Brands Are Using Snapchat to Increase Personal Connections

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes Who isn't using Snapchat these days? Everyone and anyone is using the app to share a moment. It's one of quickest ways to send your best friend a goofy face or a selfie (Who can resist a selfie with a kissy face).

What the Heck is Snapchat, and Why Should Marketers Care?

Earlier this year, Snapchat started making waves in the social media pool. Rather than cross-pollinating platforms and connecting the app to Twitter and Facebook, though, users were making it popular by good old fashioned word-of-mouth. That's because there's actually nothing tangible to share in Snapchat.

5 Creative Snapchat Promotion Ideas - Marden-Kane

Quick. Look at this message before it disappears. It's a coupon for a free.... Psych. Too late. Your Snapchat message already disappeared. The idea behind Snapchat is that you can privately message someone and set the message to delete after 1-10 seconds.

Why SnapChat Is a Success | Social Media Today

SnapChat is an application that allows you to message people through photos. The app was developed by a group of students from Stanford University, and has become a huge franchise in just a matter of two years. The app is recognized by its iconic comic ghost symbol, and has become very popular among the younger generation.

Snapchat for brands

Can brands overcome the creative challenges and turn disappearing content to their advantage?

Snapchat Guide for Brands | Social Media Today

Elizabeth Kent Previously, I've discussed the rising popularity of Snapchat, the ephemeral 10-second photo-sharing app that teens are absolutely crazy about. While Snapchat's user base has been growing by the millions, unfortunately, only a tiny fraction of its active users are brands.