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Dolphin is a Romance, Drama, Fantasy set in Andalusia, Spain.

Migrant Katie finds a dolphin who is a merman. He is the boy of her dreams. To win him she risks upsetting the villagers and loosing her life.




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In 1492 the light of civilisation went out over Europe, but a little of it remained offshore, waiting to make its peace . Genre: Romantic / Drama / Fantasy Film Synopsis: Four-quadrant family entertainment: A historical based fantasy Mystery, Romance, with a twist Katie fails her exams and has to endure a new life in Spain while her parents reinvent themselves.






Dolphin. 187 likes · 3 talking about this. "You can't always have what you want." Katie fails her university exams and has to move with her American parents to a cut-off Spanish fishing village, while they reinvent themselves. She finds and plays with a dolphin who turns into the boy of her dreams. Then adversity befalls Katie.

Children from the Sea

LOOKMAN was born in Surrey in 1950, a time when children adventurously roamed freely and made their own entertainment. His interest in Sufism led to his use the pseudonym LOOKMAN, which derives from the wise sage in the Qur'an. After leaving school, he took an interest in politics and became the second youngest elected councillor.

Children From The Sea

Tagline "Children from the Sea" will be a great film! Me, Myself, and I Katie unwillingly has to leave her cool life in London to settle in a remote Spanish fishing village. The villagers are against the new hotel where her parents have started a new business.

Lookman (lookmanbrand)

Lookman / LOOKMAN is Publisher, a TV and film production company. We work across a broad range of projects from feature films to children's animation series.


Goodreads author profile Author, Screenwriter, Producer, The United Kingdom LOOKMAN published three books in 2008, 'Children from the Sea', 'Henri and the Alien' and 'Mihte's Quest'. A year later, they mysteriously disappeared off the shelves. Now LOOKMAN will be returning to print as he builds transmedia brands.

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Lookman_ (@lookman_)

Film & TV Producer, Best Selling Author, Screenwriter ground breaking entertainment Lookman_films Followback #Shoutout #TeamToxic

Dolphin (@lookman_films)

Awesome Film: Katie falls in love with Naji, a C15th merman and all hell breaks out in a cloistered Spanish Village @Lookman_


Film Poster for Dolphin

Film Poster for Dolphin

The story of a girl's unrequited love for a merman whose only wish is to find peace.

  • LOOKMAN a creative production company was established in 2009. We work on the challenging film projects and entertaining TV wishing to exploit their transmedia potential. What audiences are looking for is to have their experience augmented by stories that stretch them. Life is too humdrum and repetitive, no one can experience every facet of life. So we intend to enhance their world view. It is what great story telling has always done. This was something the showmen and impresarios in the past knew too well. What is it that you remember most? It is those things that excited you senses and changed you view of life. You never remember the boring bits. We are not interested to repeat well rehearsed film montages.

    LOOKMAN is developing two unique children's animated television series, “Eanie's World" a comedy about an alien living in a human community and ‘Mihte Lugh the Shining One’ an action adventure, comedy about a superhero trio who has been around for more than 6000 years little noticed, but is embedded in our culture. We are constantly in contact with co-producers who wish to help us make these dreams come true.
    We are also developing and close to packaging 'Children from the Sea' – an extraordinary teen film akin to Twilight (2008). Mihte Lugh has a feature in development. We also have an eye-opening royal scandal based on incidents from the reign of Queen Victoria. This is just a snapshot of our work.

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