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Export Chart Images on the Server Without Rendering in a Browser

You may have often wanted to export charts as images from the backend and email them to users, especially to senior management, who love getting insightful charts & dashboards delivered straight to their inbox. Or maybe you've wanted to automate these reports for convenience.

5 web apps with inspiring reports and dashboards

If you have gone shopping for a web application recently, you would have noticed how a majority of them talk about the all-conquering dashboard they have while trying to lure you. And not without good reason.

Data Digest - Localytics Would Rather Buy than Build a Charting Library

This week's data digest covers some interesting arguments and use cases for and against the hype around Big Data. We also revisit the question of 'buy vs build' when it comes to software libraries. Big Data - Are we there yet...? This is an interesting, slightly skeptical, read about Big Data.

Predictive Analytics: No More the Way of the Analytics Ninjas

Since the beginning of time, we've always been fascinated with knowing what lies ahead. We started with predicting the seasons and weather patterns, and using that information to know when to sow seed, and when to harvest. Though some have the attitude 'Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be,' people have a fundamental desire to stay informed.

Data Digest - NYT Uses Real-time Data to Get Personalized

This week's data digest takes a look at how data can transform CRM systems in the future, how it's changing the way news is consumed today, and finally how visualization helps us comprehend complex patterns in data. The first post for today, written by ex-salesforce, currently Infer employee, Jamie Grenney, who discusses where CRM platforms are headed.

5 Businesses on the Frontier of Predictive Analytics - Predictive Analytics Part 2

In part 1 of this series on predictive analytics, we discussed the variety of data, particularly unstructured and semi-structured data, and the three types of predictive analytics. We also touched upon the approach of continual optimization of a predictive analytics system for it to become more and more accurate.

How the Makers of Siri Use FusionCharts Suite XT as they Invent the Workstation of Tomorrow

I recently came across an article on TheNextWeb about the research lab, SRI (Stanford Research Institute), which brought us the widely acclaimed Siri on Apple's iOS, invented HDTV, the computer mouse, and was part of the world's first electronic computer network that later came to be known as the internet.

Choosing the right chart type: Bar charts vs Column charts

Both the Bar and the Column charts display data using rectangular bars where the length of the bar is proportional to the data value. Both are used to compare two or more values. However, their difference lies in their orientation. A Bar chart is oriented horizontally whereas the Column

Choosing the right chart type: Line charts vs Area charts

The Line and the Area chart look very similar. They even facilitate the same kind of analysis yet they cannot be used interchangeably. A line chart connects discrete but continuous data points by using straight line segments. It is effective in facilitating trend analysis.

Export Chart as Image on Client Side, without Hitting the Server

An important feature you'd consider when comparing javascript chart libraries is the ability to export your charts in any given scenario - server-side, client-side, and every permutation and combination in betwe

From Pink Floyd to Pandas to Pallav's Talk - HasGeek's Hacknight

It was a marathon event this past Saturday, as developers from one-person startups to corporates gathered for a Data Visualization Hacknight organized by HasGeek in run up to next week's event on big data - The Fifth Elephant. The day featured three tutorials - Sameer Segal talking about D3.js, Baan Bapat on R, S.

We Make the Cut for the SD Times 100 List 2013

We're thrilled to announce that SD Times has picked us for their annual SD Times 100 list, in the user experience category (where we're mentioned as InfoSoft Global, our corporate identity).

Get the Delight of FusionCharts in Pentaho, Now with Real Time Charts [Free Plugin]

This is a guest post from one of our partners, Xpand IT, who specialize in integrating FusionCharts products with other platforms. We, at Xpand IT, would

10 Inspiring Fitness App Dashboards

Ah, those weekends spent binging on pizzas and watching re-reruns of Game of Thrones when what you had otherwise planned was to go for a walk!

5 Dashboard Design Trends to watch out for

Data purists may shun them. But users are just loving them. The dashboard in its new avatar is more user-friendly and definitely more appealing than its grim predecessor. From flat designs to interactive charts, let's see the emerging trends in dashboard design in 2013. 1.

Choosing the right chart type: Column charts vs Stacked Column Charts

The Column chart and the Stacked Column chart both display data using rectangular bars where the length of the bar is proportional to the data value. However, in the Column chart, data values are displayed side-by-side whereas in the Stacked chart, they are stacked one over the other.

A final goodbye to Flash

Eleven years ago, a charting component was born. Its name was FusionCharts and it was written in Adobe Flash (then Macromedia Flash).

Data Digest - The Human Face of Big Data

Today, we're starting a new series on our blog, where we'll be featuring cream-of-the-crop articles from across the Internet on a weekly basis to inspire, provoke, entertain, and inform you on the state of data, and more specifically data visualization. We hope you'll find this series relevant, and useful.

Dashboard Design Trends to watch out for - Part 2

Dashboards have evolved a lot since their inception. From interfaces requiring you to be a wizard, to today's simple, sleek designs, a lot has changed in the way users interact and make sense of the data in them. We covered 5 emerging dashboard design trends in the first part of this article.

Card-style Layout is the New Black - Data Digest

This first post starts with a disclaimer that it's a contrary to popular opinion on business analysis. Tim Wilson begins stating that dashboards are primarily for performance measurement, and not for recommendations.

4 More Businesses on the Frontier of Predictive Analytics - Part 3 in the Series

Last week, we took at look at 5 startups doing cutting edge work in predictive analytics. But there really are so many examples of innovation in predictive analytics, that we couldn't include them all in a single post, and have spread them out over to this post too.

Firefox OS, Flying Robots, and the JSWarrior Game - JSFoo 2013 Highlights

This year's JSFoo set the bar for what a tech conference in India should be like. This JavaScript-developer-centric event that took place in Bangalore on 20 and 21 Sep brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry for a two-day tech extravaganza.

Plugins to Integrate FusionCharts with your JSF Applications

There is already a wide range of FusionCharts plugins to facilitate integration with a variety of platforms, and the list keeps growing continually. Some time ago, we blogged about one of our partners, Fadi Al-Katout of Aurora R&D, creating a plugin to integrate FusionCharts with GWT.

3 Insanely Great Dashboards from Recorded Future - Predictive Analytics Part 4

Over the past few weeks we've been discussing predictive analytics at length. We started with an overview, and then went on a tour of 9 unique businesses that are leading innovation in predictive analytics. So far, we've just set the stage for this and the next post, where we take a focused look at the visualization methods and concepts used in predictive analytics products today.

RedRaphael Part 1 - A JavaScript Graphics Library on Steroids

Last week, in a JavaScript conference, JSFoo, we took the wraps off a new open-source project we've been working on, that we call RedRaphael, and touted it as a JavaScript graphics library on steroids. We also promised a detailed series of blog posts to explain what RedRaphael is, and what it can do for you.