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Updated by Patricia Palumbo on Dec 03, 2013
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Apps for computer tech use. Android and iPad

Apps that will be useful for network and computer technicians. Web coders...these people you see, and you too!

SSH - SSH / VNC Console - iPad

$9.99 full-featured SSH and Telnet emulator of VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, and xterm terminals integrated with a tunneled VNC client, RDP client and an X server.

My thoughts: This would be very handy if you needed to connect to just about any server securely to fix, or change something. Why make users wait right? Also could be used to connect to workstations.

WordPress on your iOS!

free WordPress has never been quite so mobile before. Designed for both iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad, WordPress for iOS makes it easy to share photos, write posts, and edit your content while on the go.

My thoughts: Definately handy for posting when away from your desktop, if you have one even. ;) Related to my project...

Blogsy for iPad

$4.99 This is touted as being the best WordPress Blog App for iPad.
Drag & Drop Videos Drag & Drop your, or anyone's, YouTube or Vimeo videos into your blog post. Just take your finger and slide the video into your blog post. And you can just double-tap on the video to open the Video Settings menu to easily choose size, alignment and embed type.

I have not gotten this yet, but I will! Ok this seems very complete for blogging.

Fing by Overlook Soft - Android, iPad

Free My thoughts: Available for both iOS and Androids! I love this one as it will scan your network which is oh so he...

vSSH Lite - iPad

Free. Advanced customizable SSH and Telnet client with extended keyboard, touch screen gestures, iCloud synchronization and fast terminal rendering.

My thoughts: I should mention that telnet is something you should not be running on a server or client but ok... It is on this app too.
Handy for accessing services. I think you can even import your key.

Overlook Whiz - Android

Free! Greatest thing since sliced bread. One of the greatest! This will check that your server, or service is up and running. You can know that the thing is down before anyone has a chance to report it!

Yes you do want to know that don't you? Sure you could do this on your server with a cron job but this you have with you all the time right? Leverage your mobile!

Wifi Analyzer - Adroid

Free! My thoughts: Wonderful app which I have used many times to see if there are any conflicts with neighboring routers and used channels. Also checks signal strengths..
Not to be confused with a dedicated pro device that would be preferable for serious problems!

APscan - Android

Free or .99 cents. My thoughts: This is a simple and straight forward wifi scanner. Shows encryption type and signal strength. Handy to check access points.

AirDroid - Android

Free! My thoughts: I found this last night and it is very nice. You don't actually see your android screen but you see services apps and you can play your music. Transfer files. Must be seen.

Net Scan - Android

Free! Network scanning and discovery along with port scanner. Find holes and security flaws in your network. New features coming soon! No Ads and will NEVER have Ads...
My thoughts: What else can you say? Works great!

Internet Map - iPad, Android

Free! PEER 1 Hosting Launches Map of the Internet App. While curiosity around the Internet has loomed since its inception, no one has been able to explain what the Internet physically looks like. Today, I'm excited to share that we have officially launched our Map of the Internet app, which provides a stunning 3D visualization of the Internet and all of its autonomous systems worldwide.
My thoughts: This is more interesting and instructive than specifically useful. The historical view is interesting for sure! Must have.