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Updated by Rich Roberts on Oct 10, 2017
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CongRegation #cong13 - the Social Gathering

My outtake list from the events at #cong13. Here's a list of Audioboos, Tweets, Pictures, Blog Posts, even a YouTube & Listly List (that might be a first maybe, a listly list in another listly list) to give a feel of the social gathering that took place in Cong Ireland on November 30, 2013 for #cong13. . .
Audioboo: They're Called 'Huddles' at the Social Gathering - #cong13
An Audioboo from Rich Roberts @FiremanRich. A social media event that took place in Cong, Ireland. Our social media apps & programs like Twitter, Google Plus, even Audioboo make the Great Divide of 'the pond' a bit smaller when there in use for those to be there from afar.
Flickr Pictures of # cong13

Bernie Goldbach ‏@TopGold Flicking through #cong13 pics with @eoink and @conn #cong13

An Audioboo from Bernie Goldbach @TopGold.

Along the River #Cong13

An blog post by Bernie Goldbach @TopGold. CONN O MUINEACHAIN and Eoin Kennedy capture a lot of the energy and enthusiasm of the Congregation, a one day event that doubled the population of the small village of Cong, County Mayo. You can click the screenshot to watch the video or hear it on Audioboo.

What did you take away from that conference? #Cong13

An Audioboo from Paul O’Mahony @Omainblog. unconference #cong

Congregation in Cong

A YouTube by Bernie Goldbach @TopGold. Congregation took place in Cong, Co. Mayo on Saturday and was there. Participants came from the worlds of PR, media and technology, and every participant was a speaker. All had "blogged their way in", and on Saturday they gathered in a series of "huddles" to talk about social media and how to get the best out of it.

CongRegation Social Media Gatherin Web Pageg

The CongRegation Social Media Gathering in Cong Web Page

Meeting through a virtual map. #32

Blog post by Bernie Goldbach. I can write on a blank screen but not as quickly as my senior infant can create on Paper. Knowing that, but ignoring the warning signs, I started hammering away on my keyboard at my least productive time of the day....

Never write a guest blog post. #33

Blog post by Paul O'Mahony. (listen to the audio version of this post here) Who wouldn't like to be asked to write a guest blog post? Wouldn't you be flattered to be invited? To be featured alongside others you admire? Wouldn't it be nice? Maybe it's happened to you already?...

Hanging Out on a Straw

LIFE ON AN ISLAND always offers adventures and that's what I discovered while on the island of Cong trying to set up an international Google Hangout during #cong13. I share some thoughts below the fold about trying to make a video conference work over limited broadband connectivity.

People with Insights into Social Media + Curious Mind

A list from Paul O’Mahony @Omainblog. It might be a first maybe, a listly list in another listly list.
Congregation 2013 = (1) face-to-face meet of people in west of Ireland village Cong - Sat 30 November 2013 - 100 speakers: 7 venues: Blog your way in [strapline] Tweets: @congregation13 Hashtag: #congregation13 Sponsors: MKC Comms +353(1)7038600 (2) community building sparked off by Eoin Kennedy @eoink [Nudge, nudge...]

End of #cong13 Thoughts

An Audioboo from Bernie Goldbach @TopGold. From my perspective as a listener and a learner on a day among professional communicators.

I believe I live in the wrong country!

An Audioboo from Slandi.
websummit #cong #congregation13 #technology #enthusiasm #project

Thoughts from across the Atlantic about being part of #Cong13

An Audioboo from Jane Boyd @JaneBolyd. Today I dropped in via hangout to a huddle at the Congregation 13 event in Cong Ireland.

Podcasting from #Cong13 Guest blogpost huddle

An Audioboo from Paul O’Mahony @Omainblog. We were @fitzmedia @spiderweb @topgold @eirepreneur @slinuacareer @johndineen @robertpurcell @conn @wholesomeie @fauxlie @omaniblog

Podcasting from #Cong13 World class educator in action at #cong13 @EvelynoConnor

An Audioboo from Paul O’Mahony @Omainblog. The best teacher in the world? She blew my imagination into atomically charged particles #evelynoconnor @evelynoconnor #cong13

On the path in #cong13

An Audioboo from Bernie Goldbach @TopGold. With @johnmayo @eirepreneur @evelynoconnor

Prepping for #congregation13

An Audioboo from Bernie Goldbach @TopGold. With the Dublin Screen Orchestra in my earbuds from The Quiet Man and the Cross of Cong as cover art.

Rich Roberts ‏@FiremanRich #cong13 Twitter Pic...

On my Flipboard this morning: A Huddle at #cong13

Donna, DoneDeal ‏@DonnaAtDoneDeal #cong13 Twitter Pic...

And so ends #cong13 thanks to @eoink for organising a really great event, great learning

Congregation ‏@Congregation13 #cong13 Twitter Pic...

Wrap up time at #cong13. Many thanks to all. Now for some pints.

Jane Boyd ‏@BoydJane #cong13 Twitter Pic...

Many more dropping into #Cong from around the world.

James Corbett ‏@Eirepreneur #cong13 Twitter Pic

cong13 @topgold hanging out with @boydjane while @Omaniblog explains complexity / depth of online relationships.

Jane Boyd ‏@BoydJane #cong13 Twitter Pic...

Here's @Omaniblog at #con13 - my view from across the Atlantic :)

Jane Boyd ‏@BoydJane #cong13 Twitter Pic...

cong13 Dropping in from Canada

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