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Updated by jake duncan on Jan 06, 2014
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A Few of My Favorite Things

reddit: the front page of the internet

Reddit is usually the first place I visit online every morning. I try to stay on the front page and not delve into all of my favorite subreddits though.


Google+ is the social network that I use most often, because I'm able to post to specific circles. I share interesting articles and resources with my students, post privately to friends and lots of communities to which I belong, and find lots of great articles and news stories that interest me.




I love Tumblr! The memes, creative expression, and remix culture help keep me relevant with my students and informed about issues in pop culture in general. This particular one from a Canadian student just cracks me up.


Twitter is absolutely the most important resource for me as an educator. I'm able to connect with my personal learning network, share articles, apps, and tools that I feel may benefit other teachers, and learn just about anything I'd like.


As much as I love Twitter, I probably would never use it on the web without Tweetdeck. I know many people have replaced it with Hootsuite, but I still use Tweetdeck everyday.


Google Hangouts and the Hangouts app have become indespensable to me as a communication tool. The app has essentially replaced the texting and call "features" of my phone.




Voxer is a live messaging system with text, photo and location that works across smartphones. Just about any communication I have that doesn't take place through Hangouts is through Voxer.

Google Music

I have quite a few favorite streaming music services (Spotify, Songza, Soundcloud, and I really miss Raditaz), but after uploading most of my music with Google Music Manager, Google Music has become the one that I use most often.

Word Lens

Word Lens is an augmented reality app that translates text from the real world. It costs $5 per language, but it is invaluable to me in my bilingual classes. It's one of my favorite apps ever.




Celly is the tool that I use to communicate with my students and parents. Parents have signed up to receive text messages from me about upcoming events and class projects. My students use the app or the web as a backchannel in class and to communicate with me or with each other. We use Edmodo and 3D Game Lab as well, but Celly is my tool of choice.

UP by Jawbone

I love my Jawbone Up bracelet, and I sync it with my phone at least once a day. I try to add my food to the app to track that information along with the activity and sleep information that it automatically tracks. The new models sync wirelessly, but I still have to plug mine in. Just about everyone I know bought a Fitbit about a month after I got my Up, but I'm still very happy with my choice.


Although I don't use Duolingo daily, I try to do a couple of activities when I can. I use the iOS app, but the web app is fantastic as well. Duolingo is my favorite free language learning tool, and I recommend it for anyone. I'm trying to model being a lifelong learner for my students, and learning Portuguese and Italian has been a lot of fun with Duolingo.




The rithm app is a music messaging tool that lets users share songs with a video, photo, or cute dancing emoji. If it would incorporate the location sharing of Voxer or Ding Dong, I would use it even more. It's already a great app though.

Google Drive

I'm not sure what I'd do without Google Drive. I don't use Dropbox, Evernote, or other notetaking or storage tools unless I simply must. Google all the things!


SoundGecko allows me to listen to articles and RSS feeds during my commute that I spotted during the day and didn't have time to read. I use the Chrome extension to send the article to my phone to listen to later. It will also create an mp3 of the audio and save it to Drive if you'd like.




I have a few different bank accounts, though none of them have much money in them. I love using Simple as my primary account. That's right. I actually like my bank.




I hate email. I really really hate it. Hop just helps me to hate it a little bit less when I'm on my phone.




Chirp lets me send photos, links, and notes from my phone to all my students' iOS devices at one time by using sound. It's not a terribly fancy app, but it is incredibly useful.