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Updated by Randy Hilarski on Dec 11, 2013
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Online Business Teachers

Here is a list of the people who have helped me learn how to market online. Feel free to add your favorite Online Business Teachers.


Neil Ferree - Google+

Neil is the man behind my social media techniques. I learned to up connected networks from him. Interconnect everything and optimize all of your social media profiles.

Ileane Smith - Google+

Ileane taught me how to be an effective blogger. I learned how to publish an article and spread the word from her. My blog would still be in, "nobody is listening land", if it was not for her direction.

David Garland - Google+

David is the owner of, "The Rise to the Top". He has taught me to come out of my shell and embrace the roll of a Mediapreneur. I chose to use Google Plus Hangouts to communicate with the world. He also taught me the importance of the list. Email marketing is still a huge part of online business.

James Wedmore - Google+

James is the King of teaching Youtube to Entreprenuers. I have learned to do almost everything I know about Youtube and video marketing from him.

Joshua Berg - Google+

Joshua is my go to guy for Google Plus SEO and how to leverage my favorite platform for marketing success. I appreciate all the work he does educating us about the workings of the Google algorithms

Ralf Kaiser - Google+

Ralf is my mentor when it comes to online advertising and display ads. His knowledge of how the system works to deliver relevant and timely ads has opened my eyes and provided a huge opportunity for my business. I look forward to where we go with the Edge AdExchange in the next year.

Reginald Chan - Google+

Reginald has taught me how to optimize my Wordpress blog with things like Twitter Cards and other tools to help drive traffic to my site. He is a wealth of SEO knowledge!

Kim Roach - Google+

Kim is one of the premiere online marketers. A blogging extraordinaire, email marketing and online marketing professional. Her teaching lit the fire underneath me!

Pat Flynn - Google+

Pat taught me one thing and it is probably the most important basis of my business, "Be Everywhere"!

Adrienne Smith - Google+

Adrienne Smith - Blogger, Social Media Fanatic, Engagement Superstar - Entrepreneur - Business Developer - Houston - Adrienne Smith is an entrepreneur whose passion is to help others achieve success online through sharing her own experiences using her blog. She loves building relationships with her readers and was