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Best Expert Advisor

Best Expert Advisors In The Market

Forex Robot Reviews

Forex robots review showing the robot trading idea, currency pairs and timeframe, backtests, live performance, prices and website rating

Expert Advisor Reviews

Reviews of the best expert advisors in the market with proven trading profits and trading strategies analysis revealing the most profitable forex robots

WallStreet Forex Robot

The Most Advanced and Intelligent Self-Updating Forex Robot Automatically Adapts To Current Market Conditions WallStreet FX Robot Single Licence WallStreet FX Robot Full Licence Live Performance 2011 - 2013 Proven Profits Verified By Myfxbook GAIN 674% LOW RISK VERSION 'EUR33' ONREAL MONEY ACCOUNT GAIN 127% WallStreet Forex Robot Loss Making Reasons Elimination WallStreet Forex Robot and most importantly a LOW-RISK is not just another forex SCAM product, BUT IS RATHER a VERY PROFITABLE forex trading system that can help you become one of the few forex market dealers to make money.

Forex COMBO System

Forex COMBO System Forex COMBO's 4-in-1 System: Scalp Strategy: The Scalp strategy quietly builds the trading position with low-risk, high-probability trades. Trend-Detection Strategy: The Trend Detection Strategy analyzes the overall market and signals trades that capitalize on broad currency. CounterTrend Strategy: The CounterTrend Strategy leverages the Trend Strategy by capturing pips on both sides of the trend.

Forex Striker

Forex Striker Expert Advisor review including backtests, U.S. legitimately patent, real money accounts, features and detailed information on the first legitimately patented trading robot.

Volatility Factor EA

Single: 1 live account, unlimited demo accounts. Full: 2 live accounts, unlimited demo accounts. Both trade on GBPUSD, EURUSD and include free lifetime updates and advanced news filter.

Forex Diamond EA

The EA is designed and authored by the well known Wallstreet Forex Robot creators, they introduce their EA as a world-class complete, high performance trading system, a unique integration of trend and counter-trend strategies, smart money-management, dynamic trading parameter configurations and rapid trade execution as a result of THOUSANDS of hours of design, testing, and refinement..


FX-Builder is more than just an EA, it's rally a constructor by which you can create your own EA. It provides a set of expert advisors with an enormous number of merged indicators giving you a great ability to build and organize your own EA even if you don't have sufficient programming skills.

Happy Market Hours

EA Happy market hours is a scalper Forex robot that is basically designed for all types of traders in the Forex market including new users. EA Happy market hours can trade on any account balance size with metatrader application.

Forex Earth Robot

The EA authors introduces it as the greatest expert advisor ever to hit the automated Forex market, and that they are a Russian team with over 60 joint years of experience in Forex trading.

Forex Warrior

Forex Warrior is a Grid expert advisor, it remains in the market along the day hours opening long and short positions simultaneously applying a precisely selected strategy based on martingale, pending Buy Limit/Sell Limit orders are used by the ea adding trades to the basket to secure an ideal basket structure and oppose trading orders slippage while the prices move fast.

Drive Gold

Strategy Forward Tests Drive Gold Real Money - Profi Forex System | Myfxbook Drive Gold Real Money - Xe Markets System | Myfxbook Drive Gold Real Money - Vantage Fx UK System | Myfxbook Drive Gold Real Money - Profi Forex Account No. 2 System | Myfxbook Drive Gold Real Money Profi Forex Account No.

Hyper EA Pro

Forward Test Hyper EA 2.3 System | Myfxbook Backtests Hyper EA 2.2 EURCAD 2007-2011 backtest, history center data, spread 4.0, LotsFor1000 1, TimeCorrection -1 As this Forex robot is supposed to be restarted and its TimeCorrection adjusted with each DST change, a history center data backtest is performed with TimeCorrection set to 0.

FX Capitalist

Yes. 60 days unconditional (Clickbank). Special broker conditions are required for this Forex robot like; good execution, good spreads, minimal stop distance. There are some upsells that include an advanced version costing $137, it allows modifying of all the EA parameters and a preset service that might provide preconfigured setting files.

Million Dollar Pips

Be aware that this Forex robot is extremely sensitive to the spread and the broker execution and to the delay of transmission between the VPS and the broker. Million Dollar Pips will NOT run perfectly with the majority of brokers and there is no good setup for it known until now.

FAP Turbo

Strategy and Parameters The Forex robot main strategy is Asian session scalping on 6 different currency pairs in addition to an other unique strategy for EURUSD on the M1 timeframe is the "long term strategy". The Forex robot package includes a comprehensive manual attempting to explain every thing related to the Forex market up to VPS solutions even it didn't ignore history data and backtesting.

PipJet Robot

Forward Tests Backtests Dukascopy tick data, spread 2.0 The Forex robot GMT offset parameter was set to 0 in all the following tick data backtests as on creating the FXT files a GMT offset of 0 was used with no DST, in addition to that no commission was used in any of the backtests.

Forex Invest Bot

Forward Test Forex Invest Bot System | Myfxbook Backtests History center data Both history center data backtests span is between 1999-2013 and they are using a 1.0 pips fixed spread. A backtest was with the reinvest capital option enabled and the other was with it disabled; all the other options were set to their defaults.

Wallbreaker Expert Advisor

Strategy ForexInnovation has developped the older known trading strategy "buy new highs and sell new lows" to be most perfect. With the Wallbreaker pivotal feature it does not only identify the relevant support and resistance levels but also scans specific market movements to determine the market momentum strength to predict the probability to reach new highs or lows.

Forex Robin VOL

Forex Robin VOL EA review displaying the forex robot trading strategy with 13 year backtests and myfxbook live forward tests using different settings

Forex Megabot

Strategy This Forex robot opens positions following some complicated strategy and is quite successful applying it. It's trade window is very narrow between 22 and 23 GMT, so there won't be trade every single day. Its exit is time based, so the positions might be closed after a while even if they don't go towards their take profit target.

Iris Fx

Iris fx robot review including Alpari and FinFx forward tests and 2008-2012 Alpari(UK) EURUSD backtests on each of the three strategies using H4 and H1 timeframes

Joker EA

A scalping robot on trend pullbacks, resembling WallStreet Forex Robot. While its TP is set at 35 pips from the entry, it prefers to close most of the trades at 2-4 pips in profit and rarely keeps a trade running its full course. Its SL is set at 70 pips.

Forex Striker

Forex Striker is a recent Forex robot being released by the authors of Fapturbo, and their most recent product commodity Code. It includes detailed user manual, one-on-one support and installation assistance plus ticket to the traders convention in 2014 in the Alpes, Austria. They could get and publish a patent for their robot an interesting feature.

WallStreet Forex Robot

Being writing about it here now is a clear indication that I do not consider it a scam in any way, It's really original scalper where trading several pairs around the clock and it seems to manage scraping a nice profit off it.