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Mediation Services Los Angeles

Mediate Family Law, Don't Litigate! | Mediation Blog

Here at Peace Talks, we love Mediation. If you've spent any time looking through our site and blog posts, you know that already. It's an easy sell, because, to us, it's a no-brainer. Just look at a recent example: one couple came into our Los Angeles office looking to get a divorce settlement through mediation.

Tools for Creating Parenting Schedule | Los Angeles | Peace Talks Mediation Services for Family Law

Peace Talks Provides holiday schedule for you and your children including Holidays with Multiple Celebration Days, Federal Holidays, Children’s Birthdays, Parent Birthdays and more. Call at (310) 301-2100 or mail for more information.

Client Preparation for Custody Evaluations and Court-Ordered Mediation

Client Preparation for Custody Evaluations and Court-Ordered Mediation by Tara Fass and Diana Mercer; Diana Mercer is divorce mediation Attorney and the founder of Peace Talks Mediation Services in Los Angeles.

Top Tips for Choosing your Divorce Mediation Attorney

Choosing the right mediator is important for your Divorce Mediation Attorney. Mediators are all trained in basically the same way, but each person has a different way that they practice. So ask if they have a free mediation orientation or if they charge just to meet them and do a little research.

Lump Sum Spousal Support Buy-Out California

Peace Talks mediators dedicated to the practice of mediation issues spousal support attorney, divorce spousal support, in determining a lump sum spousal support buy-out.

9 Hours Training for Family Law Attorneys Los Angeles

Peace Talks Mediation Services Creates 9 hour Family law training for New family law attorney; our 9 hour programs provides a solid basic family law education for new family law attorneys and transitioning practitioners.

Uncontested Divorce Mediation Services California

Uncontested divorce in California is becoming commonplace, as more men and women relish the notion of mediation, collaborative divorce, and settling matters among themselves. Without going to the courtroom, more divorces are uncontested.

Why Mediate a Premarital Agreement

Peace Talks Family Law Mediation helps in any premarital situation, from young Couples with few assets, two new step-families, to Couples with substantial assets; Peace-Talks Mediation Services will make sure that your premarital agreement suits your goals and needs.

John Green| Therapist Mediator and Licensed Clinical Social Worker

John Green Therapist Mediator & Licensed Clinical Social worker at Peace-Talks Mediation Services; He has 30 years experience as a licensed social worker helping couples, families and children in California. Contact us at for more information about our mediators.

Impasse in Negotiations | Peace Talks Mediation Service for Family Law

Using a little of your intuition and some of the psychology behind deal-making, you can improve your negotiation skills in the room and in selling your clients on what you know is a good deal.

Divorce Mediation Services Los Angeles | Premarital and Parenting Plan Mediation

Peace Talks Provides mediation services in divorce mediation, premarital mediation, Parenting Plan Mediation, Estate Planning Mediation, Couples' Communication Counseling and Post Divorce Issue. We offer mediation services by qualified Mediators, lawyers and attorney in Los Angeles, California.

Marriage Counseling Los Angeles | Couples Counseling

Peace Talks Mediation is a full service mediation law that helps couples with counseling in Southern California. We help couples navigate the waters for relationship repair or separation. Our team of divorce attorneys and therapists will help you resolve your custody issues in Los Angeles in a sane and sensible way for your children.

The Case for Brief Confidential Evaluations in Child Custody Disputes | Los Angeles

The Case for Brief Confidential Evaluations In Child Custody Disputes By Tara Fass, LMFT, Richard Gilbert, Ph.D.,and Diana Mercer, J.D., copyright 2005 Court mandated child custody evaluations (CCEs), Civil Code 730, are well-intended investigative instruments designed to aid bench officers in resolving custody issues. They have numerous shortcomings, however.

Pros and Cons of Divorce Mediation | Peace Talks Mediation Service

View Pros and Cons of Divorce Mediation, custody mediation and other mediation process at Peace Talks, log on or Call (310) 301-2100 for getting more details about pros and cons of mediation Process.

Book Your Free Mediation Orientation at Peace Talks Mediation Services for Family Law

Mediation orientations are a great way to learn more about mediation, divorce mediation, and custody mediation. Mediation orientations are free of charge and private. Just you and your spouse, partner, or other parent will be present, along with one or more of the Peace Talks mediators.

Best Practice in Case Management by Diana Mercer | Los Angeles | California

Case management begins long before your first mediation appointment. As the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution matures, reflective practitioners will find that willingness to mediate or work collaboratively doesn't necessarily translate into cases that are easy to settle.

Preparing for your First Mediation Appointment | Peace Talks Mediation Services for Family Law

All information about mediation and our practice which you may find helpful; Our web site has much more detailed information, so if you've got internet access, you may wish to check it out at

Gray Divorce - Divorcing at 50 Years Plus is on the Rise

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) conducted a survey among its members which revealed that 61 percent have seen an increase in the number of divorces among people over 50 in the United States. This phenomenon has been brought to our attention by the consistent discussion of "gray divorce" in popular culture media.

Divorce and Graphotherapy at Peace Talks Mediation Services for Family Law

In my work as a handwriting analyst, I’ve found that people in stressful situations such as divorce have been helped by doing a few simple exercises called Graphotherapy. Some exercises help difficult emotions come to the surface for release.

Beverly Hills Collaborative Divorce

Peace-Talks Family Law Attorney Beverly Hills, California; Mediation and Collaborative Divorce are the most effective and cost-efficient ways to resolve divorce and family law conflicts. Peace-Talks a good mediator in Beverly Hills for resolve your family conflict Issue.

Are Your Kids In The Middle In Your Divorce?
Our goal is to insure that while the legal definition of your relationship is changing, that your connection to each of your children remains intact. Our intention is to help you write a “peaceful divorce” so that your children can feel a sense of safety and security in their lives.
Collaborative Divorce Ladera Heights | Family Law Attorney
Peace Talks Mediation Services offers mediation and Collaborative Divorce solutions for Ladera Heights, California. Located in adjacent Playa del Rey, Peace Talks has been a local business since 2000. Call on (310) 301-2100 for mediation orientation appointment.
Buy 25 Hour Basic Family Mediation Training| Los Angeles| California | Peace Talks Mediation Services for Family Law
Peace Talks' Mediators and family law litigators create 25 Hour Beginning Family Mediation Training Program. We are providing Mediation Training DVD set which is distilled from their live 40 hour program. Buy it today from our website:
Family Law & Divorce Mediators at Peace Talks Mediation Services

Family Law & Divorce Mediators at Peace Talks Mediation Services - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Peace Talks has best family law mediators team who specializes in family law mediation services, Matrimonial law mediation, divorce mediation and lots more with highly effective & professional Mediators to fulfill your family conflicts needs!

JB Rizzo| Licensed CPA and Financial Mediator| Financial Analyzer

JB Rizzo, CPA/ABV/CFF is a financial mediator assisting clients in resolving financial matters in marital dissolutions; JB appreciates and commends clients for choosing the Peace Talks mediation process as opposed to the litigation process. Call (310) 301-2100 for more information.