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Peace Talks Mediation Blog

Peace Talks Mediation Services fully concentrates in family law mediation services, Co Parenting and offers main keys to resolving family conflicts easily to lead cheerful life!

Premarital Agreement Sample | Mediation Blog

It’s hard to find a premarital agreement sample because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Prenups are drafted based on the individual couples’ needs. Topics for your prenup might include your pre-marital assets, marital assets, debt, Spousal Support and Alimony. At Peace Talks Mediation Services, we help couples negotiate premarital agreements in a confidential, neutral setting.

Divorce Mediation in 2014 by Stephanie Maloney, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

When mediation first started, most mediators worked on their own. And a talented mediator can certainly help couples reach a settlement, but as the years went on I found myself suggesting that we add an attorney or a therapist to our mediation.

Divorce in California | Mediation Blog

Choose mediation for an efficient, fast, affordable California Divorce from Peace Talks. California has its own personality with divorce. One of only 9 states that follow Community Property law, California seems intent on doing things its own way. But a divorce in California doesn't need to be complicated; At least not the legal part.

Why Your Kids Will Thank You for Mediating Your Divorce

During a divorce, it is often tempting for parents to get entirely too focused on their own wants and needs. It’s easy to understand how this might happen. For most people, the end of a marriage is a difficult and painful decision. Hurt feelings, regret, and resentment can overwhelm the best of intentions.

Divorce: Kids and Custody

If you decide that your child is not giving you all the information you need to adequately care for their well-being, hiring a professional, such as a therapist, for individual or family sessions can be a huge help. Counseling is not a dirty word. Health is the number one priority. That includes the health of your relationships. Family comes first.

Pros and Cons of Prenuptial | Mediation Blog

You have important pre-marital discussions about money, children, aging parents, spending vs. saving and all sorts of values. You decide what would happen to your property and children in the event you separate. It’s a difficult subject to bring up and everyone in your life will have an opinion about prenups.

The Best Way to Start Your Divorce - A Divorce Mission Statement | Mediation Blog

*Divorce *is one of those areas where the questions you have now will almost always lead to even more questions. One thing you can do to exercise control though is write a mission statement.

Divorce & Holidays: Stay Focused On What Matters Most Holiday Season

Staying Focused On What Matters This Holiday Season. For most children, the holidays are an exciting time that they look forward to all year. However for some, especially those whose parents are separated, they can be dispiriting and difficult.

Low Cost Divorce at Peace Talks Mediation Service

In response to the recession, Peace Talks now offers a couple of new services for low cost divorce and uncontested divorce California. Please give us a call at (310) 301-2100 so that we may be able to provide this information to you.

Creating a Good Divorce | Mediation Blog | Family Law Mediator

Divorce lawyer for 24 years, and expert on what works best for both parties when you’re getting divorced. As a divorce myself, I perfected a personal “what works” that helps people navigate the often rough waters of divorce.

If your matter cannot be resolved, then you may choose to have a judge or jury trial, which can exponentially increase your expense. As the case progresses, there may also be a request for a child custody evaluation, in addition to potential adult and/or child therapy sessions.

Diana Mercer, Mediator and Founder of Peace Talks Mediation Services Family Law, has place our children's interests as our highest priority, many of us have not taken the necessary steps to protect and provide for them in the event that we come to an untimely demise.

Have you thought about how you want your divorce to go? What's your ideal resolution? Do you see a clear winner or loser? Divorce is one of those areas where the questions you have now will almost always lead to even more questions. One thing you can do to exercise control though is write a mission statement.

Why Mediate a Premarital Agreement Los Angeles

Peace Talks Family Law Mediation helps in any premarital situation, from young Couples with few assets, two new step-families, to Couples with substantial assets; Peace-Talks Mediation Services will make sure that your premarital agreement suits your goals and needs.

Divorce Mediation vs. Traditional Divorce

While divorce mediation is not as common as traditional divorce litigation, there are many advantages to choosing divorce mediation that can benefit you, your spouse and your children.