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Hour of Code 2013 Resources

A list of resources for the 2013 Hour of Code

Free Programming Books

A large list of free programming books. - The Maze #1

The Hour of Code 2013 tutorial from

Scratch Hour of Code 2013

The Scratch Hour of Code tutorial that guides you through building an interactive holiday card.

Scratch Studio - Hour Of Code (HOC)

a compilation of projects to be used for the Hour of Code learning session. For teachers / coaches / facilitators / mentors Start from HOC1; the sequence starts with projects very easy, but doesn't mean that follows a path based on increasing difficulties.

Scratch Help - Scratch Cards

Scratch cards provide a quick way to learn how to code with Scratch.

Scratch Textbook

This free book will familiarize you with the Scratch visual programming environment, focusing on using Scratch to learn computer science. The book is structured as a collection of tasks. Each chapter teaches a new concept, but the concept is introduced in order to solve a specific task such as animating dancing images or building a game. Updated for Scratch v2.0.

Scratch Tutorial Video Playlist on TeacherTube

A playlist of Scratch tutorial videos on TeacherTube.

Hour of Code + Scratch + CCSS: 6th Grade Math, Coordinate Plane

6th Grade Math lesson on the coordinate plane; introduces very basic Scratch programming.

Hour of Code + Scratch + CCSS: 7th Grade Math, Scale Factor

7th Grade Math lesson on how a scale factor affects area & perimeter; introduces basic Scratch programming.

Hour of Code + Scratch + CCSS: 8th Grade Math, Functions

8th Grade Math lesson where students create function machine programs and challenge each other to figure out the function from the inputs and outputs. Basics of Scratch, includes simple lists.

Hour of Code + Scratch + CCSS: Middle School English, Vocabulary & Greek/Latin Roots

A lesson format that can be adapted to any grade level in middle school (and perhaps beyond). Students create an interactive animation to review the roots of words.

Hour of Code + Scratch + Content Areas: Middle School Science, Mitosis

Brian explains his approach to introducing Science concepts to middle and high school students using Scratch.

Speed Racer - a 1-hour Scratch introduction

A quick and fun introduction to Scratch that introduces motion, loops, variables and other topics. Should take about an hour. Original Author: Brian Foley Ages: Middle School, Elementary School Curricular Areas: Computer Science Content Types: Tutorial, Lesson Plan, Handout Keywords: introduction speed This handout is what I use for my Scratch introduction.

Scratch Motion Activities

Activities for students to build games and simulations around motion and force.

Scratch Unplugged

Scratch resources to go with the Computer Science Unplugged curriculum -

Tynker Hour of Code 2013

The Tynker Hour of Code tutorial that guides you through building your own game.
Tynker’s 8 free new Hour of Code tutorials are:
Puppy Adventure Mini—a Beginner coding puzzle;
Maze Craze—a Beginner maze game;
Puppy Play Time—a free play activity for Beginners;
Lost in Space—a Beginner coding puzzle;
Sketch Racer—an Intermediate coding puzzle;
Space Zombies—an Intermediate Build-a-Game tutorial;
Puppy Adventure Complete—an Intermediate puzzle and debugging tutorial; and
Math Art—an Intermediate tutorial to learn how to program to draw shapes.

Khan Academy Hour of Code 2013

The Khan Academy Hour of Code tutorial that teaches you JavaScript programming

CodeHS Hour of Code 2013

Anyone can learn to code. Start with one hour of Karel the Dog.

CodeAvengers Hour of Code 2013

Create a JavaScript quiz game in an hour.

Code Monster from Crunchzilla

Code Monster is an easy way to get kids excited about programming. Code Monster starts with fun experiments using concepts like parameters, variables, loops, and functions, building more and more, until kids are able to play with the wonders of fractals, animation, and physics.

Grok Learning Hour of Code 2013

Three different tutorials to teach Python programming.

PythonMonk - Interactive python tutorials to learn Python

Free, interactive tutorials to help you discover Python idioms, in your browser!

Hackety Hack!

A tool to learn the basics of Ruby programming.

AgentCubes Hour of Code 2013

Create a 3D Frogger game.

App Inventor Hour of Code 2013

With these beginner-friendly tutorials, you will learn the basics of programming apps for Android.