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Selfies - The Rise of Selfieism - Research

Selfies - Just as Much for the Insecure as Show Offs

The sheer number of selfies with the #mehashtag on Instagram is a "scourge," arguesTitlow, and transforms the beloved photo-sharing service into a &qu

Selfie Culture (Graham Brown mobileYouth)

Why are selfies so popular with teen mobile users? Graham Brown of mobileYouth breaks it down

In Defense of the Selfie as a Tiny Burst of Girl Pride

An elementary school principal I once worked with said that if you ask a group of first grade girls who the best runner in the class is, they all point to themselves: I'm the best runner, they'll say. Ask a group of sixth grade girls, she went on, and they'll...

The Good, the Bad, and the Unexpected Consequences of Selfie Obsession

It's easy: Flip the view on your phone and hold it at a high angle, making your eyes look bigger and your cheekbones more defined. Position your thumb over the button, turn to your best side, and click. The art of the selfie is one that lots of people have practiced and perfected in recent years.

The Social Psychology of the Selfie

The "selfie." I kind of cringe every time I hear that word, imagining Myspace-style angles, duck faces, peace signs and dirty mirrors. I'm not alone either. Many are hesitant to take and share photos of themselves, for fear of looking vain, vulnerable or being scrutinized.

What Your Selfie Says About You

Consider this: Instagram has 100 million active users.And the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service has, at last count, 109 million photos tagged, simply, "#me." By the numbers, if you're on Instagram and you haven't taken a picture of yourself, you're doing it wrong.

Why Selfies Matter

Whether it's the duckface smirk or the coyly suggestive close-up, selfies are a mainstay of Twitter and Instagram and have parents and psychologists wringing their hands over what they "mean."

Too Many Selfies Are Bad For Relationships, Study Shows

Just because you've convinced yourself that you've mastered the art of the effortless duckface selfie doesn't mean that your Facebook friends are as amused. A team of researchers out of the UK found that people who post a lot of photos on social media are likelier to "run the risk of alienating friends, family members and colleagues, leading to less supportive bonds," reports New York Daily News .

One in three of us now post photos to social networks to show off

A 'braggie' is a photo posted to social networks to make friends jealous The most popular place to take these bragging photos is on holiday 70% of people admitted to tweaking photos before uploading them Men were the worst offenders editing photos more often than women By Victoria Woollaston PUBLISHED: 08:31 EST, 21 November 2013 | UPDATED: 08:53 EST, 21 November 2013 Selfie may have been voted the word of the year, but a new term is set to challenge it in 2014 - the 'braggie'.

Selfies for Good? Or just tapping into a narcissistic trend?

No doubt you've taken a " selfie," a self-portrait taken with your mobile phone camera and shared on Facebook or other social media channels. Although selfies have been around for years, they have gained popularity recently.