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Updated by Bryant Duhon on Nov 22, 2013
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This Week in Content: 11/22/13

A collection of 10 (mostly) content-related pieces. This obviously isn't inclusive of the entire industry, but a compilation of articles, blog posts, news, etc. that I've read this week and found interesting.

The Five Pillars of Secure Collaboration

Security and trust have always been a core focus for our product and infrastructure teams at Box. One of the big investments we've been making lately is around content protection - how we identify, control and protect content from both malicious and unintentional actions.

ECM, "Reports of my death are premature." | Big Men On Content on

For a while I've seen the various posts of the death of ECM. What has happen is that "enterprise" has become an adjective rather than a noun. Often, as vendors, we think enterprise means a big deal size rather than a wide venture. Enterprise solutions have come to mean solutions to large problem encountered often...

Cutting Paper Cold Turkey | Big Men On Content on

Hello, my name is Marko and I used to have a pack a month habit. Sorry I meant to say ream a month habit. But this summer two events merged and I found myself quitting paper cold turkey. First my home office shrank and then I joined Hyland.

Instead of Fighting Content Management, Simplify It

Here we are in 2013, staring 2014 in the face as the holiday season slowly descends upon us. As I look back over the year, it seems like many others in the Content industry. As I look further back, the years seem to blend together. That is a problem.

What is Salesforce1? Mobile, Mobile Everywhere #DF13

Salesforce1 made its debut at Dreamforce 2013 in San Francisco this week. But what is it, really? Is it application software that holds all of a company's enterprise apps? How about a way to make all of Salesforce's technology available on mobile devices? Now we're getting somewhere. Topic: Customer Experience.

Digital Landfill

Three Faces of Information Governance from John Mancini Registered for AIIM 2014 yet? Don't get frozen out.

Starting a Collaboration Revolution

We work together in teams, across divisions and with different companies. A lot of our productive work time is lost because information is kept in departments,

Workplace 2020 Keynote at Leadership Summit 2013

My keynote deck on what organizations will have to design for in the next 7 years as they update their structure and processes to deal with high-velocity techno

A guide to selecting enterprise mobile platforms

Enterprise mobile platforms are tools that provide capabilities for mobile application development as well as services required by those mobile applications. They can address business-to-customer (B2C) and/or business-to-employee (B2E) use cases. Real Story Group has recently released a detailed evaluation of 21 such vendors.

Document Management and Cloud Files Converging? < Real Story Group Blog

These segments are increasingly overlapping, as Cloud-based File Sharing (CFS) vendors build better Document Management (DM) capabilities (such as library services) and DM vendors build (or acquire) cloud-based file-sharing, sync, and lightweight collaboration services