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Most Helpful Evernote Articles

So much potential, so little time to figure it all out and implement!

This is a growing list of your favorite Evernote creative ideas, how-to videos and articles!

A few of my Evernote best practices

I've been using Evernote now for about 4 years and, while I'm certainly not an expert in it's use, I have identified a few Best Practices for ways to really see benefits from its use. Without further adieu than that, I'm just going to dive right in. ...

What Would Benjamin Franklin's To-Do List Look Like Today?

For as long as humans have been able to write, they've have been scribbling lists and to-dos in an effort to remember important information. Lists showcase our ability to break down tasks into smaller elements. Lists are also the foundation for how we classify and define things, and they guide our ability to tackle projects and daily tasks.

Evernote Tags vs. Notebooks. Organize Your Evernote With These Tips

How to organize Evernote is an important part of how to remember everything in your digital life. After all, if you are going to send all your business documents, clipped websites, favorite quotes, pdf's, inspirational pictures, favorite songs, kids artwork, and digital memories for quick recall inside Evernote, you need to have a good organizational system to find it all.

Going Paperless: A Closer Look at How I Organize My Notes In Evernote

Of all of the questions I get in my capacity as Evernote's ambassador for paperless lifestyle, the one asked most frequently is: "How do you organize your notes?" I've written on this subject before, way back in May, when I provided some tips on organizing your digital filing cabinet.