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Tech News People

Professional journalists that report tech media news

Karin Caifa (@karincaifacnn)

I cover consumer, tech, social media & more for @CNNNewsource. @JohnsHopkins & @columbiajourn alum. RTs not endorsements. Opinions my own.

Kent German (@kentgerman)

Senior managing editor at CNET where I write about technology and (when I can) airplanes. Also an Australiaphile, a runner, and a huge airline/aviation geek.

Addy Dugdale (@addythebaddy)

Writer. Tech fancier. Spanky la-la dancer. Contortionist. Congenital exaggerator. Happy.

Emily Chang (@emilychangtv)

Mom. Host of @BloombergWest, a daily show about tech & innovation on TV, radio, streaming at 10am, 3pm PT.

PSBJ Tech Reporter (@psbj_tech)

Tweets from @TechFlash and @PSBJ tech reporter Emily Parkhurst.

Billy Gallagher (@gallagherbilly)

writer @TechCrunch, co-student body president @Stanford, former editor in chief @Stanford_Daily, @Stanford '14, sports nut,

Connie Guglielmo (@techledes)

Technology writer, Forbes. In and around Silicon Valley, where all the fun stuff is.

Lynn La (@lynnlaaa)

@CNET mobile associate editor. Columbia University and UCD alumna. Serial dog petter. Napkin hoarder. Pun lover.

Barb Darrow (@gigabarb)

Reports on cloud technology, loves industry dirt and the Red Sox, but not necessarily in that order.

Edward Moyer (@edatnews)

Assoc Ed at CBS Interactive (CNET News). Sometime writer for Crave (covering tech-related art and design, etc) |

Kara Tsuboi (@cnetkara)

I'm a technology reporter for CNET whose work will be showing up on CBS News broadcasts around the country. Besides tech, I love the Oakland A's and good food!

Erik Sofge (@esofge)

I'm a tech, science and culture writer. I've written for Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Slate. And I love robots, because I am weak, and they are strong.

Emily Banks (@emjbanks)

Bringing the Minnesota Nice to NYC. Managing Editor @Mashable.

Tom Krazit (@tomkrazit)

Executive Editor at Gigaom. Tech historian. Opposed to the designated hitter.

Jon Erlichman (@jonerlichman)

Sr West Coast Correspondent, @BloombergTV. Tech, media, entertainment @BloombergWest

Nicole Lee (@nicoleleecnet)

Senior Associate Editor for mobile reviews at

Emily Parkhurst (@emilyparkhurst)

Tech reporter for the @psbj and @TechFlash. Mainer-turned-Seattlite. Feminist with a capital F. Also, #BeerGeekGirls. This is Emily, warts and all.

Julianne Pepitone (@julpepitone)

Tech writer at @CNNMoney. Big heart, big hair.

Ken Gagne (@idgagne)

Freelance writer for, an IDG publication.

Jonathan Krim (@jkrim)

Run global tech coverage for the Wall Street Journal. Ex-EIC of MarketWatch. Into

Asian food, poker, SJ Sharks, GB Packers.

Ashlee Vance (@valleyhack)

I'm a feature writer covering technology for Bloomberg Businessweek. Former scribe for The New York Times, The Economist and The Register.

Jessica Dolcourt (@jdolcourt)

I get to write about smartphones, mobile OSes, and all things mobile for CNET.

Rich Jaroslovsky (@richjaro)

Technology columnist for Bloomberg News

Vlad Savov (@vladsavov)

Senior Reporter at The Verge