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Things I Wrote

A list of various posts and interviews I've written around the web.

How to Get Involved in the Magento Community

Transformed my talk from Mage Titans Italia into a post on the Magento blog because I literally get asked this question all the time. :)

Introducing a New Magento Community Initiative: Magento Masters

After months and months and months of research and planning and keeping my mouth shut externally I can finally share the best thing I’ve ever been a part of with some of my favorite people on the planet who work harder than anyone else I know. Magento Community, you are my family and I love you. Congratulations so much - you’ve earned this, it’s yours! 💕🙌

3 Steps to Managing Conflict in Communities | @sherrierohde

Looking for ways to work on your conflict management and resolution skills? Try these three steps from our experienced #CMGRHangout panel.

The Other Side of Community Retention | @sherrierohde

As community professionals, we talk a lot about community retention, but—what if it's okay for community members to move on?

Proving Your Value as a Community Professional | @sherrierohde

ROI is often a four letter word in our world. However, it's important to be able to know and demonstrate your value as a community professional.

Scaling a Community into a Network of Communities | @sherrierohde

If you're managing a rather large community, you might be pondering when, or if, you should break it into micro-communities under a larger umbrella. 

3 Simple Rules for Participating in Our Community | @sherrierohde

On a somewhat recent #CMGRHangout, we discussed online community policies to look at why they matter and where to start with creating them.

Getting Started as a Community Professional | @sherrierohde

Starting something new can be intensely challenging, even when exciting. Changes in career paths are certainly no exception.

Reflections on Community Manager Appreciation Day 2016 | @sherrierohde

We had a short 22 minute minute recap at the end of Community Manager Appreciation Day, which I recommend watching if you'd like to hear our (slightly delirious) favorite moments. More importantly, you can hear from Ichi, Ben and Christine about the CMAD meetups they organized or were part of.

#CMGRHangout Presents: My Community Manager Hangout

Join us every Friday at 2:00 PM Eastern LIVE on YouTube, Google+, and Twitter. #CMGRHangout My Community Manager: The community built by, for, and managed by community managers. - click on participate. We'd love to have you join us. Intro song used with permission by The Royal -

Building Communities in eCommerce #mm14de

While “community” is not new, it has become a buzzword as more companies discover the powerful impact it can have on their brand’s goals. Community ties a brand together with its customers and connects them with each other. How can an eCommerce retailer benefit from community? We’ll take a look at retailers who have already done so and explain the importance of their implementation’s elements.

Banding Together: Google+ Hangouts #smbWR

If you’re lost in the argument of whether or not Google+ is a ghost town or the walking dead, you might be missing out on the power of video made possible through Google Hangouts.

Google+ Hangouts aren’t for everyone, but we’ve built a strong community of Community Managers the past two years via My Community Manager #CMGRHangout.

This presentation shares what a week in the life of a Google+ Hangout On Air (HOA) show looks like as well as presents benefits of using Google+ Hangouts, tips for running them smoothly and additional use case suggestions including team meetings, worldwide hackathons, Q&A, product demonstrations, sales presentations and keeping in touch with distant friends and family.

Huge thanks to Liana Kreamer for the invitation to share this at Social Media Breakfast: Waterloo Region (#smbWR).

Interview with Sherrie Rohde, Magento Community Manager

Sherrie Rohde is the Magento Community Manager. She is an endearing figure in the Magento community, you can call her Community Girl as well. Sherrie has ten years of experience in Community Management. She has done her Bachelors from John Brown University in Graphic Design and Digital Media Arts with a focus in Interactive Authoring.

MageTalk Episode 60 - Higher Astral Planes [Live at Magento HQ]

Magento Team Members Sherrie, Piotr and Tanya join the guys for a roundtable live at Magento HQ.

Social Business in Action : Community Management #SbizHour #7

TWITTER HANGOUT - 4pm Mondays! Social Business in Action "How I Work: Community Management" Guests:+Sherrie Rohde +Ally Greer +Teri Kojetin Hosted by +Rachel Miller &+Brian Fanzo Community Manager on @SbizHour Twitter Handle +Christin Kardos Twitter:@sherrierohde @allygreer @TeriMKojetin

Why I Social - Episode 24 (featuring Sherrie Rohde)

A few weeks ago when I initially recorded this episode, Sherrie Rohde had just started a new job as Magento's Community Manager. This week, she just completed her move for that same position. It's truly an honor to help celebrate her success by sharing it with the Why I Social Community.

#MCEOtalk Episode #6: What is Influence

Really enjoyed talking influence with Vincenzo M Landino, Ashley Pengilly, Marissa Ferraraccio and Nikki Fica! If you missed it, catch the replay. :)

Episode 14 - Monkeying around with Sherrie

David Manners of Mage Engage took some time to chat with me about my pets, who even knew I’ve had so many different kinds?!

5 Steps to Building Community at Events

I love events. If you've met me before, then you know this to be true. In fact, one of my good friends, and long-standing community members, recently walked up to me at an event and told me to stop smiling so big before I hurt my face. True story.

Building a powerful community - the secrets from Sherrie Rohde, Magento community guru.

Editor's note: When it comes to a successful ecommerce business, store owners should concentrate not only on product sales, but also on how to build a strong, vibrant and active community around their brand. How to do this and not to miss anything? Sherrie Rohde knows the answer.

A Community Management Interview with Sherrie Rohde of @MyCMGR and #CMGRHangout

Community management expert Sherrie Rohde discusses her heroes in community management, the blogs she reads and the future of the community manager.

A Nimble Awakening for a Community Manager on the Move

Two years ago, online community manager Sherrie Rohde trialled Nimble, but the platform didn't really strike a chord. "I wasn't having trouble managing my relationships - I just wasn't seeing the value." What a difference a couple of years can make!

Review: You Get What You Give by Merlin U Ward

In his book You Get What You Give, Merlin understands brands need to realize that social media is a relationship game, not a numbers game. Find out why.

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